Monday, April 27, 2015

The Definition and Purpose of Tithe


Well today is Monday and I'm out to get it done but before I do, I want to do my father's business a little more.

For those that have been defending their pastors opinion on the issue of tithing over the redemptive sacrifice of Christ after reading my post, I want to clarify some things before asking some very interesting question.
Do you know that the purpose of tithe is not for God to bless you or for supporting God's work but rather, it's an exercise of the law for showing that you "REGARD AND FEAR THE LORD YOUR GOD"

In Deut 14:23, the Bible clearly says EAT your tithe before the Lord SO THAT YOU CAN FEAR HIM.

In Deut 14:26 it repeated it again saying if you can't carry the cassava and cocoyam, convert it to money and use it to eat rice, drink wine and 'ogogoro' and you can even use it to carry 'ashewo' if you soul lust after one, at that point, you are covered because it's tithing.
In Deut 14: 27 & 29 it clearly says when your belly is full, you should remember the Levites (not a pastor because they have no inheritance among you) also the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow because they are really the ones in need.

Here are my questions and I need clear answers.

1. The Lord clearly says "Eat before Me so that you can fear Me" why are you not eating your tithe? That's direct disobedience! Isn't that telling God directly that "I DON'T REGARD OR FEAR YOU?"

2. Your excuse is that you cannot carry yam abi, fine, there is room to convert it to money but according to Lev 27:31 "If you want to buy back the LORD's tenth of the grain or fruit, you must pay its value, plus 20 percent." so that's now 30%. The interesting thing is that you must still eat everything before the Lord SO THAT YOU CAN FEAR HIM. That's 30%, so if you are bringing money, you should be presenting 30% that you must blow once on whatever your soul desire, Ogogoro included. 

The question is "Have you been eating that 30% at once as the Lord instructed in the Bible?" If you haven't been doing that, do you know you've be telling God "I DON'T REGARD OR FEAR YOU"?

3. There are four set of people entitled to the leftover of your tithe eating exercise, The Levites, Stranger, Widow and Fatherless. Your pastor is obviously not a levite, even Jesus is not one. So if your pastor is not a helpless stranger, widow/widower, or orpahn, why is he the only one screaming the songs of tithe in cash. Why is your pastor the one raining fake curses and suspended prayers on the topic of tithe when he's not even entitled to it by any or all definition?

4. Lastly I will like to know, if your pastor had told you that tithing is just for you to show that you FEAR THE LORD and that no blessing is attached to it, will you be paying it?

Believe me, tithing is not an avenue to blessings, it is illegal in the body of Christ and any pastor that comes to preach Jesus to you and still ask you for tithe is a con-artist from the pit of hell, there are no better words to describe such a person. The fact that tithing is popular does not make it right.
Anyways, I am expecting your answers but before you do, remember this. 

If you want to give your money to God, do it right, give it to the stranger, fatherless and the widow, I can guarantee you that God will receive it and credit your earthly and heavenly account with interest. If you want to support God's work here on earth, please do by supporting His missionaries and outreaches, not by donating to a church building that means nothing to Jesus and no effect on the kingdom of God. Don't label it a tight, give without measures.

I am still Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
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As long as it is the truth
Good Morning!

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Grace Protégé said...

Jesus would weep over this kind of madness, it's just another different opinion but does not change the world! We need to search the scriptures to have the mind of Christ, not our own unrenewed minds/opinions of men which render the Word of God ineffective!