Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Truth and The Lies About Alpha Beta Consulting & Tinubu

I will like to start this conversation with a statement from Jimi Agbaje so that we all understand the direction of this conversation. It is important we understand the lies in order for us to appreciate the truth.

Jimi Agbaje said:
"I have said NO to AlphaBeta based on the principle that it's never in the interest of the State's civil service to continue to rely on consultants 100% of the time. We must have ways of transferring expertise over time. We must not substitute the role of our Civil Service. I have said NO to the toll on the VI-Lekki-Epe axis because the PPP arrangement has been terminated and this project has been paid for in full and then some. On the issue of the people of Ikorodu, my opponent tends to think that the government has already done "more than enough for the people of Ikorodu". And you call this progressive? Far from it."

Now lets talk a bit about these issues:
Alpha Beta as a consultant started with the Lagos State Government, due to its ability to deliver it has been contracted to consult for 22 out of the 36 States in Nigeria including the Federal Government and Government of other African countries. The beauty of relationship of Alpha Beta with even PDP States that are now APC is that it started while they were still PDP States.

Jimi Agbaje has been rambling and rumbling about Alpha Beta Consulting and I believe it is out of share naivety and inability to project any valuable or tangible idea that he's been putting up his fight against a privately owned business that is not only servicing The Lagos State Government but 22 states in Nigeria including Federal Government parastatals. If Alpah Beta has been so much disservice to Lagos, how come more of his colleagues in the PDP are paying heavily to secure the service of the same company.

According Alpha Beta Website, this are some of their clients
Lagos State Government --- APC
Kwara State Government --- APC
Nassarawa State Government --- CPC now APC
Akwa Ibom State Government --- PDP
Abia State Government --- PDP
Imo State Government --- PDP now APC
Kano State Government --- PDP now APC
Ondo State Government --- LP now PDP
Sokoto State Government --- PDP now APC
Abuja Environmental Protection Board --- FG/PDP
Enugu State Waste Management Authority --- PDP
Enugu State Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources --- PDP
Ekiti State Government --- APC now PDP
Lagos Water Corporation --- APC
Just to mention a few, they also work with private organisations and the government of Ghana.
Airtel (Formally Zain) --- Private

In The Republic of Ghana Operations, Alpha Beta works with the Municipalities and Assemblies in Ghana. These include Cape coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA), SeKondi Metropolitan Assembly(SMA), Shama District Assembly(SDA),Adentan District Assembly, Sunyani District Assembly and Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly respectively.

If a local startup is doing well enough to be gaining both local and international recognition and patronage beyond party border lines, then it is totally cynical of a Jimi Agbaje to be staging a fight against a successful business as is campaign agenda, it is the height of lack of ideas and utmost clueless obscenity.

If you are supporting Jimi Agbaje because of his big English, have a rethink, they are filled with big rubbish and bold cluelessness. Alpha Beta is working with even Fayose of Ekiti state and he's not complaining, Jimi's ideas are not bold but rather born out of gluttony and fantasy. The role of the Civil Service can never be subverted by consulting professionals to get results, the vested interest he's clamouring to end is the fuel in the engine of his own campaign.

There is no denying that Tinubu owns interest in the company, he's a businessman before becoming a governor for crying out loud and this is a private business that works across board for governments, business and other nations in Africa, the lie is the way they present it. How can a so-called learned Jimi Agbaje with bold ideas come out and tell you Alpha Beta is milking Lagos when thesame Alpha Beta is employed by 21 other states, mostly PDP States because they did a wonderful job working with The Lagos State Government. Maybe he should just say Tinubu is milking Nigeria and Ghana because that's how it appears to me.

On the issue of vested interest, let's ask Jimi Agbaje to tell you how he's funding his campaign, obviously not from his one-branched drug store. This is our first opportunity to take Lagos out of being an opposition since 1991 when the FCT was moved to Abuja, it is our real opportunity to see Lagos work efficiently with the centre to produce value, it is our opportunity to birth a total CHANGE and grow Nigeria cohesively.

I'm Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
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The Bold Man That Lacks Ideas-- Jimi Agbaje

Just thinking out loud about this man here that has been screaming bold ideas all over Lagos without a single example of where he's exhibited the capacity to implement a single idea not to now talk of bold ones.

Jimi Agbaje claims to have bold ideas... that he will use to make Lagos better than what the Jagabanians have done with her in the last 16 years but I choose to ask some very sane questions and lay out verifiable fact.
Jimi Agbaje as a pharmacist and business man has owned the JayKay Pharmacy for like 30 years now like he proudly claims, anyone that hears about the JayKay Pharmacy will immediately assume it's some big booming business because the owner is in such lime light that could have been from business success but the truth is that is not so true, the JayKay Pharmacy is a single branched business that had not grown beyond the spot it started from 30 years ago.

Jaykay Pharmacy Limited located at 9,Randle Cescent, Apapa has been one of the most dormant pharmaceutical outfit in this state in the last 30 years, it has neither grown in size nor capacity as a business and it has been managed and owned by the same man that is now promising to use BOLD IDEAS to take Lagos to the next level, I wonder where those bold ideas are coming from or where we can see the effect and efficacy of his BOLD IDEATION so that we can related them to what he'd claimed the can do. I intentionally posted the address for those who want to go see the tired looking business this brave man called Jimi Agabje has been managing without success. Don't mind me though, the business has grown from what we call "CHEMIST" here in Lagos to a "SUPER MARKET". It has grown from just Phensic and Daga store to a place where you can get herbal drugs like "Ruzu" and "Swedish Bitters" and for those that want it stronger, yes you can buy "Orijin" in big bottles there now. Sorry I forgot, he also manufactures pharmaceutical products like Methylated Spirit and Mouth Wash but I heard the factory is in Otta and it parked up not too long ago because of production challenges related to power.

The truth about Jimi Agbaje is that he's a largely an average business man who has only been able to use his professional identity and influence of his father who was the first local bank director in Nigeria to garner wealth through business and political affiliation and not trade or direct business success.

I have no candidate for you, I just want you to know who you want to handover your vote to if you've chosen to vote Jimi Agbaje. Take a look at what he's managed for over 30 years... (since 1982), see the growth pattern and compare it with all the things he has promised to do in 4 or 8 years. Don't allow him lie to you that it's lack of resources, it is pure lack of ideas for growth, if he needed loans at all, he would have gotten access to that in GTB without a limit or tab on how much... even with his status, he could get a loan to buy a jet, not even accessing loan to expand his business is out of dearth of ideas.

For those of you that have connected vocal eloquence and good oratory capability to ability to deliver the false promises, take a look back and see if any of the promises made by our PDP politicians in the past had been fulfilled at all "Enu Dun Rofo". Someone needs to remind this brother that "Enu Oshe" let me find the song and attach that song by Durella to this post abeg.