Thursday, September 5, 2013

Missing Pictures

Hi Guys,

This is the bane of technology. I opened my google+ account, found alot of pictures and I just started deleting thinking they were unnecessary backups of the pictures I used on all the thousand and one post I've had on this blog for years, to my surprise, I got here and discovered that they've been deleted from the posts...

There's no way I will be able to get them back because I don't have them no more.. so please bear with me. Just read the text although some of the pictures were facts and references, abeg make una manage am...


Friday, August 30, 2013

A New Level of Grace?

For every human that has been redeemed through the resurrection of Christ are anointed and drafted into the commonwealth of Zion. "Touch not my anointed"  as used  in the bible referred to a particular group of Israelites (Israelis) in the Bible somewhere in the Psalm of David at a particular time and I believe that is redeemed of God is under this anointing so I presume this particular even Ese Walter is anointed and has been touched if the story were true (my interpretation). Abeg before I go on, did the Bible say some prophets and pastors will sing this song  "On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’" Mat 7:22

Permit me to say that we should pray to God to open our eyes of understanding, even the prophet Samuel couldn't spot the chosen or should I say anointed in the house of Jesse, he almost poured the oil of crimson on the wrong brother because of what he saw on the outside (Remember, it's God that anoints not the oil). A lot of our so-called men of God are physically anointed today because religious leaders stayed religious instead of being Christians, they've anointed the tall in place of the called, empowered the fluent instead of the filled and ordained the talented in place of the chosen ones. Saul was called to be the captain of his people but when he failed in the task, another was chosen to take his place... I remember even his son Jonathan became instrumental in the process of deposing Saul... so even when a man is called and he/she cease to serve the purpose of the master, even members of his household will be used to effect the needed change.

Jesus is the highest of priest and the only head of the church and he was touched and done so many harms.. all of that became salvation for us all..let's assume our high priest annulled that rule there when he said "father forgive them for they knoweth not what they are doing"(assumption). We are all brethren and nobody is more than the other before God or specially placed in heaven. Can you remember the number of times Paul used the word brethren even in his letter to the disciples who are suppose to be his spiritual fathers (The Witnesses), this disciples broke bread and drank wine with Jesus. Paul was even prayed for after the Damascus route experience before he could regain his sight by those he later called brethren and sometimes scolded when things weren't so right. Pastors, preachers and our fathers in faith are here to guide and help us grow, but when they go wrong, I think the crowd should do the flogging in accordance with the provisions of1 Tim 5:20.

The household of faith is not built to harbor lies or encourage deceit. Let me give you a scenario... Jesus called The Synagogue is father's house, can you please tell me what he used in chasing gamblers and hagglers out of the synagogue? I know it, it is bulala aka koboko. If we are Christians and we are suppose to be like Christ and probably do greater things like He said we will do, I think it is right if we use FANBELT or something stronger to do the job this time around...It is the right thing to do and believe me, we won't be troubling the household of faith, we will be giving the kingdom a new breath of fresh spiritually fulfilling air. Like you rightly said, guilty or not, the work of God will go on, and in case you are worried about the church, don't try to think or device a way of helping God, He will take good care of his church... remember what happened to that man that tried helping to prevent the Ark of God from falling? I don't know the verse but I remember he was struck with lightning. If you care, I commented a bit earlier, maybe you can scroll up and read my earlier comment. I am not here to castigate or condemn but I will be found only where the truth is said and propagated.

There is no room for being diplomatic when things go wrong,  It is blind stupidity to try and  introduce the morality "status quo" into this insanity that has become a cancerous canker-worm that is eating deep into Christendom, causing so much decadence and bringing reproach on saints and sinners alike. The same regard and respect model that has thought Nigerians to demand treating a rich thief with care while a common thief is quickly bludgeoned to death. A system that ensures or should i say preach that we accord respect to elders even when they are wrong or doing it wrong for reasons I am yet to read in the Bible (maybe I don't read the Bible that much?) and for this we allow a lot of things to go wrong because we are not suppose to correct some people because they are richer, older or more spiritual ...Hmmmm! "I no holy pass" or "Sabi pass" but everything I've read here as been based on spiritual principles that the Bible teaches, I am yet to see anyone go out of those guidelines even when they are not diplomatic about it so I refuse to go with your flow. Regurgitate and re-digest everything you've read here and please, make no comparison of our analysis, suggestions or opinion, we are all from diverse spiritual background and school of thought. Thank you.

I will mention church but no names. I've had a female colleague that was constantly harassed and offered another level of grace by a RCCG pastor whose wife is a close family friend. I have heard of some supposed men of God held in high esteem various works of life who use everywhere they are as an altar but instead of preaching salvation, they preach this new level of grace to just the girls but encourage the men to continue to hold fast and struggle in the Lord. Imagine a pastors who make it hard for you to say amen when they pray, sometimes I have to convince yourself within your spirit before you say amen, you deafen your ears and create a mental picture of Jesus saying the prayers himself instead of this agents of destruction. I seek grace daily and will continue to pray and intercede in ways I can. The good thing about this situation is that if this men confessed their iniquities yesterday and Jesus was asked today, He won't remember but that doesn't erase the karma+nemesis of what they've done.

I am not here to cast any stone but I am here to call a spade a spade. Jesus came for the sinners and not the saints.. I enjoy that righteousness that is of faith and not works and by His grace I won't be caught doing the wrong flagrantly because grace abound because I am enjoying another level of grace. Please no use should use cynicism to encourage or propagate lie... I am here to declare and assert my stand on this matters as I enjoy the blessing inherited through the works of Christ that has made me a partaker of the commonwealth of Zion. Mind you, I have attend the church ones during my visit to Abuja and I have nothing against God's people but If a man is not shaped for the truth, he should please stay in shape and not bend the word of God to blend with his or her shape, such person will only end up in flagrant disgrace.

Let's pray!

(This was compiled from my comments on Adeolu Akinyemi's "Affair with pastors and world war Z")

Monday, August 26, 2013


Wrote this years ago.. just found it and i thought it might still make sense though

The word "LOVE" comes to mind in nearly all strata of our daily dealings in life, 60% of this times it is in a male female context that we interpret as relationships or more technically dating, then we have families, friends and generally the world we know or that which we know little or nothing about. Four letters makes the word "LOVE" in English language, three letters do the magic in Yoruba language "IFE" and so on with diverse representation in various languages and culture in Nigeria and the world over.

God tells us a lot about love in the scriptures… yes a lot but I can only remember a few of those right now. There are some part of the Bible where it says

"Owe no man nothing but love"---More like an instruction for compassion, not sounding like a must do.
"Husbands love your wife as the Lord loves the church"---A command, leaves no room for options.
"Love your neighbours as yourself"---I think this command was issued somewhere in Leviticus (old school)
"Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who insult you and persecute you"---This is the big one and it’s in the new school Mat 5:44/6:27 and that's the KJV of it. There are more but I can't dig it all up right now.

All that I have listed above are basically instructions from God that we must embrace and obey but a question somehow got stuck in my head. Knowing I have to love every human dead or alive somehow no matter the level of diversity of the relationship existing between us  all calls for different modes and intensity/degree of love. This sounds like a great task, I think I will be needing a whole lot of grace and mercy.

Love for me is not an emotional phenomenon although it has the strand of affection attached to it. It is a feeling that should exist naturally and should be devoid of deceit and found naturally amongst all things living (Animals, plants, viruses etc), spirits (angels, demons etc) and none living things (rivers, gems, etc). Love for me should be cognitive, developable, controllable and totally devoid of emotion (when required) that could be one sided or mutual depending on the parameters substantiating the relationship existing between the two love elements. I have friends and enemies that I have been able to love and they somehow became brothers. It begins professionally sometimes and but we figured it out and now we've gone the whole length of friendship to become family. I sat down to do some analysis and got a bit locked in this thought process, so I thought maybe sharing this will help.

Case 1: Love is caring  I guess?

Imagine this scenario.

I have a female colleague or class mate (a girl and I am a guy). Based on my own unbiased understanding of the instructions in Romans,  I decided to be a  bit more caring and affectionate, truthfully and nice. How do I get this simple message or love across without making her feel the emotional kind of love she knows or probably running through her veins? How do I explain that I am only obeying God's commandment without making the matter more complicated.

Case 2:
Can someone please help with this?

How do I make the girl next door understand that her new undergraduate status or the fact that I just got back from the states that is making me say hi to her, that it's because I know her before the change of status and that shouldn’t bore a whole in her mind or perception because everybody else that said hi to her since her hips got bigger while I was away wanted a piece of it. How should I attempt to get across and not have it interpreted as a chase or my looking away be conceived as pride. Is it the world around her that as tuned her perception, making her a cynic or should I go spiricoco just to make it look like I just want nothing more. How will my friendly gestures and rueful smiles not be continuously misinterpreted for the love flesh even though it is the love of God for a friend I once had and have always known before the big break in transmission necessitated by the pursuit of value and excellence?

Case 3:
What defines the love I have or feel for a woman? My appearance or her perception. Why is she all careful and think it is pure deception even when it is pure genuine desire. Why is she not cool with the truth, why will a sister prefer the flattery and daily eschew the brother that speaks the truth from the heart. Why the chase? How do you make the truth sound sweet without putting the lies she loves to hear?  Why will she prefer a lying tongue to the truth the scriptures speaks in white and black and claim to be a Christian. How will a man really love a woman who desires deception from deep within? What is love got to do in such situation and how does love apply.

Pardon the stupidity of this post but love hey!

The curves of love are sharper than the meanders of the Zambezi river and the edge steeper than the edges of a rake angle. Though many a times we seek to do that which the Lord instruct, the complicated nature of this abstract feeling makes it a perfect but incorrigible and inconsistent no go area especially for me at steeper degree and in-comprehensive levels. Although I believe in love because I feel it in different ways every day, it is multifaceted and thus should be treated as a field of study and not just a word we use whenever we feel have brain generated instantaneous emotional feeling.

Jacob made it sound simple though "he saw, comforted and loved her" just like that… I think it should be that simple. I hope to work and walk in that realm someday, and I hope the sister will be receptive live Rachael abi who be that Jacob victim self.

I am still learning how to love though, my many mums are teaching me but if you know how to do it better, come teach me.. I am ready to pay for the knowledge because I am the no 1 fan of love right now.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why the world is a "Piece of Shit"

A man once asked me ... Why is the world so shitty and messed up, unfair and cranked and you keep telling me there is a God... I smiled and shared this story with him.

*A young man went into a barbers shop to have a cut and when the barber was done, he deeped into his pocket to pay the barber but the barber refused to collect a dime from him.. He simply told him

"I assume this is your first time here, the cuts are free"

the young man was astonished and he asked..

"then why are all those people outside going around looking so unkept, why don't you just go ahead and give then a clean cut and make them look good?"

the old barber answered with a calm voice

"I will gladly make them look good only if they come to me, the shop is open all day long and as you can see, there are empty sits and barbers on standby, there is even a sign on the door that says it is free, I was surprised you didnt notice it because they sometimes read it aloud and laugh as they walk by but they just refuse to walk in through that door. I would have loved to go after them but then my clippers won't be working without being plugged in to a power source. My son, a few people have walked in just like you did and when they go out and tell them the cuts are really free, they just mock them and say how can that be? Nothing is free anywhere but the truth  is that this shop is powered by a rich philantropist so we are never in need of money or resources because we have a strong backbone. Go on, go out and tell them maybe a few will come... we've had some referals but most of the people that have made it down here are the rare ones like you with genuine desire to look and feel good."*

The world is shitty because we choose to stay away from God. He gave us choice and we abused it, we daily lean on our own understanding instead of tapping into the freely given resources of the kingdom that God made available for us in abundant measure. We want to be the defining factor when we should connect with the one that defined us and made us who we are.. I bet no product can define its use, the maker does the definition of purpose. We are like cars trying to swim because we see boats doing it, then we end up in murky waters and complain the manufacturer is not caring or even claim the maker doesn't exist at all. Where I come from, there is a proverbial saying that goes does " A stream that decides to disconnect or forget its source will definitely run dry". That's what happens to us when we play Mr. Intelligent and dissociate or try to live without the existence of God the maker of all things...

The fool says in his heart, there is no God.... Ps 14.1....

Quit looking miserable, the barber's shop is still open today, sits are still very empty..... :(  Will you walk in and get a free cut?
New York Hair Salon Provides Free Haircuts To Unemployed

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

True Stories.. But the gods are to be blamed

I still can't seem to believe I am still here today, taking into cognisance who I am, what I have been through and the kind of world I live in as a Nigerian... omo Mehn! medically I should be gone. 

I was born in a totally sane and moral environment, believe me; the first lines of word I read were not "Alli and Simbi" although I knew Agbo lives in the town of Lagoon. My first textual conflagration were the crisp sweet sounding words of the psalmist in the Yoruba bible "Atoka" that my mum BANGED down my conscious and subconscious everyday (except Sundays) and I love reading them till  forever, so they became a part of me. Don't get holy and spiritual on me yet, I grew up on the street too and I could differentiate the smell of St. Moritz from Rothmans and Benson from a mile away… don’t say haaa! So you thought it was only MaryJ that smells differently? I knew my limits and I broke those limits a few times… so few that I can't forget breaking my limits but hey! that's for the street. I had a fair share of the good and the ugly and I have never had a bad day in my whole life… and the ugly were those moments when I had to fight for everything.  At home, in church, in school, everywhere I go, I was a force and an undeniable figure.

My life, good grades, friendship, family and foes at times and even the smiles I have on my face now are from the victories I won, the defeats are irrelevant because when I am knocked down, I don't stay down, I  get up again and knockout whatever it was that knocked me down… I found a stone for every  Goliath I came across in those Psalms and Proverbs, and the street thought me how to sling my shots so well that I have never been lucky enough to miss a shot… I dodged and parried a lot, but  for every shot I have made, believe me… no survivals. In all of my victory, I have been faced with this seemingly unbeatable system that brings death and we all just seem to hand over to God. It's neither the Nigerian Police, nor Nigerian  Politics or Rulership, those problems are not uniquely a Nigerian situations, they are problems peculiar to the world as a whole, only that CNN and BBC et al have made a success of reporting about others while they pull a wool on the eyes of the rest of the world about what goes on in their own backyard… It's about the Nigerian Health system, our doctors and the medical practice in Nigeria as a whole.

I will name names, point fingers and substantiate my claims with fact, maybe someone somewhere will see this and act accordingly because I don't seem to have a stone for this Goliath and the David's of this situation are just too sober and downtrodden with the pain of their loss that they still hand over back to God, the battles he has given them the weapon of victory for… with the hands of their enemies tied to their back.

I got this BBM broadcast from my Lil Sis in July 2012 about George Chimezie Egbuchulam and because she never get's to BC anything other than her business, I called her to confirm the authenticity of the BC and she was so passionate about saving his life because they were friends that I didn’t ask a single question further, I started telling people to help and was ready to put in my widows might too. It was a craze for me and I became a crusader for life. I went online and found this on George's FB page.

Even on his own sick/death bed, he was reaching out for the lives of others. After the test in July, his brother was a perfect match and the Ops was scheduled for October due to the number of patients and preparation of his brother for the Ops. A few days later, George was elated and posted on his FB page that the funds were good and ready, thanking all that donated a dime, nickel or kobo for making it happen that was on 18th of July, and by August 24th, he reminded us that his surgery was just a month away and that was the last we heard from him.

The operation was never carried out and we lost George Chimezie Egbuchulam  in Dec 2012, three months month after the date scheduled for the operations, not because of lack of fund or donor, but because UCH kept postponing the Ops for no good reasons until George took his last breathe. 

The story of George's battle was everywhere when he was fighting for his life, 
Click to read 
                      Daily Tribune 
and more but 'what became of him", nobody knew...

Nobody was, questioned arrested, sued or brought to book for unhealthy health practices and George was gone with the wind. UCH still stands and till this morning, I am yet to hear a single good news from that sources other than story of medical neglect death of patients.

Sweet Heart
I remember calling Dayo a mad goat when he broke the news to me, it was almost unimaginable and I just felt it was a joke but not until I called home and I was told she's gone to be with the Lord. I was too afraid to cry, my pores became wet and my tongue twisted in silence. I wasn't going to ask, I got angry because of the love I had for her and my brother, I couldn't control it... I started asking questions, why should she leave now, it was too early, she wasn't due already, I felt anger and pain and my brain couldn't take it all at once. A minute of dementia and everyone around me kept asking questions but I had no answers at all, all I had was the tears in my eyes... and I am still shedding them as I write now with my fist cladded in a band, but my heart won't let me feel this pain now. I am waiting to exhale.

The doctors could have helped her, they had the go ahead to do a CS but they wanted her to push a little more until she pushed and broke the thin line between life and death. I couldn't cry when I picked her up at the morgue on her final journey to mother earth, I only asked her why she wouldn't hold on just a second more, just for Ruby to see her face.

We cry and smile now and all we sing now is "put the blame on me". The general hospital still stands, no doctor(s) was sued, nobody questioned, Life Goes On.

Olamide was just a bit over three years old when she was supposedly diagnosed with cancer... Yep! she didn't have no cancer but she was declared a Leukemia patient at the prestigious Lagos State University Teaching  Hospital (LASUTH). They started the cancer of the blood treatment procedures without being sure of it, they called it Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia... She was later referred to UCH (that old dreaded place) and they started; yes.. chemotherapy without conducting proper tests to confirm the recommendation of LASUTH.

Olamide's kept detoriorating so her parent decided to take her to the United States because they loved her too much and they could afford it. There they got the shocker and a revelation that they couldn't help but bath in tears for the pain she's been through.

Olamide was clean and there was no single cancerous cell in her body or blood. I wonder what happened here in Nigeria... was the problem  with the equipments or the medical personnel.. how did almighty UCH miss it all together... The good news was that she didn't have Leukemia but the sad tale was that the cancer treatment and chemo she was given in LASUTH and UCH had successfully damaged her spleen and her bone marrow... her body was no longer producing red blood cells and eventually, she died in the USA because she was poisoned with the leukemia treatment procedures from her beloved Nigeria.

Miguel accidentally drop-kicked a girl during his performance yesterday and he's probably getting a brain damage lawsuit for it, Dr. Delia got sued by Emilia's parent for negligence by the troubled doctor who delivered  her (read the full story here Delia) but in Nigeria, two reknowned medical institution, a federal and a state hospital across two states poisoned and killed little Olamide with cancer treatment when she didn't even have single cancerous cell in her body her parent are just leaving it for God to judge.

George's operation was postpone for months when everything was in place for it to go on, and we lost him to the cold hands of death... and nobody is asked, because he was just another dead victim of kidney problems.

Sweetheart is gone now and we can only put the blames on ourselves and wish we had flown her to yankee like a MPs wife to deliver Isabelle. Nobody is going legal for the obvious medical malpractices that led to it...

People die in hospitals all over the world but not this way. There are a million more cases of neglect in our medical institutions, the oath is just a oath and nothing more for Nigerian doctors especially in public hospitals. 

When are we going to leave God out of this situation and treat each others fuck up? 
When will Nigerians do the right thing?
When are we going to put caution in place, make a mince of one the too many defaulters so that the medical practice is taken the way it should be all over the world?

This stories are true and real.. But the gods are to be blamed!

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Mother's Letter To Her Children About Marriage (worth reading - SHARE THIS MESSAGE)

Dear Children,

Should the Lord give you the good gift of a husband or wife, and I hope He does, there are a few things I want you to know. Things that you may not hear from anyone else, and certainly not on TV or other media. Sadly,... your church may not even tell you.
Marriage, sweet little people, is not for the purpose of your happiness. Happy as I want you to be and hope you will be, you must yet understand that marriage is God’s design and His purposes must be pursued in order for you to be truly happy. His end is holiness and He will use all things in a life devoted to Him to fulfill that end.

To my girls:
Marry a man whose first pursuit is Christ. After that, he is not hard to please. Admire him, cheer him on and show gratitude, and he will fall over himself trying to please you. Smile often, speak well of him always, and do whatever necessary to try and maintain a pleasant mood about you so that it transfers to your home, making it a place where he and your children love to be.
You’ll have bad days of course, crying days even, and that’s when you go to your bedroom, kneel on the floor and beg the Lord to carry you. Then get up, get a fresh perspective (crayons will come off the wall), and try again. Above all else, make a home.

To my boys:
Marry a woman whose first pursuit is Christ. After that, she may be hard to please only if you don’t know “the secret”. What is that? I’m glad you asked. The secret to pleasing your wife is to make her feel safe and treasured. You may have to move out of your comfort zone to do this at times. She won’t always readily translate the oil change to love, though it means that. But let me give you a “secret question”–a question you need to ask her often. It’s not just in the asking, though. Be sure to focus your eyes on hers, maybe even touch her shoulder or face, and then ask: “What’s on your mind these days? “ And then be ready to listen. She wants you to draw her out. She will perceive this as your protection over the matters of her heart. Tenderness, listening, protection. That’s what she wants.

To you all:
If your wife or husband does something really stupid, forgive. If they do it again, forgive again. Forgiveness must be the propelling force in your lives each day. Dwell on the strengths, push out thoughts of their weaknesses. Take every thought captive–choose to love.

Here’s that part you are not going to hear often:
If you find yourself “not happy”, having lost attraction, disinterested, etc., you are not permitted to even think about a divorce. If you find yourselves arguing more and more, don’t think for a minute that “the children will be better off out of this”, because they won’t.

The vows you took on your wedding day were not suggestions. They were covenant vows, before a Holy God, family and friends, to stay with this person the rest of your life, even if you don’t feel like it. You swore a solemn oath and if you can’t live up to it, don’t get married. Decide up front that your marriage is irrevocable. There is far more motivation for getting along if your “marriage house” has no door.

Do not share intimate thoughts or feelings with anyone of the opposite sex. Do not find yourself alone for any length of time with such either.

Divorce is not a “private option”. It will affect multiple families for many generations. When you “separate what God has joined” you permanently injure far more than just yourself.

Guard your marriage as fiercely as you would guard your own life. Treat your spouse as an extension of your flesh, just as God sees you. Treat your spouse like other family members. You know, “you gotta love ‘em, they’re the only family you’ve got”.

I want you to be happy, I surely do. But I will pray for you to be holy.

Proverbs 19:14 - "Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD."
Proverbs 20:6-7 - "Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find? The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him."

God bless you saints...

Friday, May 3, 2013

What's Your Flavour

The whole idea of value or valuation is predefined in the Concepts of worth. By my definition, value is more to me like "Your Flavour"

The value of something is a measure of how much that something is worth in cash or in any other element that can be translated as worth. Value depends on how much benefit and pleasure that something is going to give a person. Value is unique to every individual and is based on personal preferences and circumstances; different people can have a different value for the same item.

The value of an individual is basically how much that person is worth. The value of a person depends on how much output the individual is expected to generate in the future. Organizations spend a lot of value (time and money) in the search of values so that in the long term, greater value is generated through the dissipation of value by his/her employees in the place of service. This is also pretty imperative especially in the context of marriage, when individuals set out to choose a life partner, their eyes is not only set on the immediate, but on the possibility of a better future with whoever they choose to pitch their tent with. The future is a key element in juxtaposing value but more importantly, the NOW is important in identifying value and this "NOW value" is measured by actions and reactions to the immediate element of measure of value as defined by the worth you put on yourself.

To be aware of oneself is to have a concept of oneself.

The self concept is how we think about and evaluate ourselves, your self-worth is the way you see yourself, the way you evaluate and perceive yourself, your social and psychological humanism, a measure of your inundating identity. The scripture so defined self-worth... "As a man thinks in his heart, so his he", this clearly defines every individual as a product of thought and so far more, what you think on the inside defines your actions, reactions, interactions and appearance on the outside which ultimately defines you. The big question is then palpable; what fills your thought? What governs your thought pattern? What is on the inside of you that defines you? To what extent do you value yourself?

Your self-worth predefines your self esteem and self esteem is measured by the extent to which we like accept or approve of ourselves or how much we value ourselves. Self esteem always involves a degree of evaluation and we may have either a positive or a negative view of ourselves. What runs through you when you wake up in the morning, who are you when you go to bed at night, here at your place of service, how do you see yourself, what is  your NOW value and how relevant and valuable will you be in the future as measured by you and the people who invested value in you with the potentials of you reproducing greater value. Are you a value-driven investment with the potential of producing better value as ROI

What is your surface and inner value? Who are you when you are being watched or supervised and what do you represent when you are trusted and left to deliver with little or no supervision. Believe me, your true value is real, when there is no one there to measure or evaluate you, your value is defined by the thoughts of your heart, your thought pattern is orchestrated and engineered by what you feed your mind with (that is why it's called "food for thought"). Take a sit back, stop for a minute and think. You are what you think and that's what the world will see.

After reading all this jargons that I took my irredeemable time to write, oya! please tell me what's your flavour?

NB: We've all been a part of the problem for awful too long, let's change it, let's be a part of the solution in it. Feed your thought, Think for change, Be the change you want to see.

1. Accounting: The monetary worth of an asset, business entity, good sold, service rendered, or liability or obligation acquired.

2. Economics: The worth of all the benefits and rights arising from ownership. Two types of economic value are (1) the utility of a good or service, and (2) power of a good or service to command other goods, services, or money, in voluntary exchange.

3. Marketing: The extent to which a good or service is perceived by its customer to meet his or her needs or wants, measured by customer's willingness to pay for it. It commonly depends more on the customer's perception of the worth of the product than on its intrinsic value.

4. Mathematics: A magnitude or quantity represented by numbers.