Monday, June 29, 2015

The Consequence

I absolutely have no problem with those who choose to the option of going homo/gay or bisexual, it's like me choosing wine and others falling for the cigarette and some other doing both cigarette and wine.. it's a world of choices and such people should be allowed to do what they like with their assholes but where I stand against such is when this people choose not to go with the consequences.

If you head to the seminary or convent to become a priest in the Catholic Church, you're definitely dead sure you just signed away the right to biologically have your own children, therefore I beseech or dear brothers and sisters in love to acknowledge the consequences of choosing to love your kind and go matrimonial with it, it comes with the condition of not being able to biologically have your own progeny so please prepare for the consequences if you've not had any before you made this choice.

Desist from the idea of adopting children, it is an attempt to deprive children that were created by those who took the option you rejected so don't even think of it, stick with love and the consequences of it, dare not deprive this children the opportunity of having a normal life. Your sexual orientation was a choice and not a normal situation or natural condition so please eschew the idea of adopting children that were born by straight people in your bid to probably show them love that you lack, please embrace the beauty of being gay, remain childless and allow those children that you are trying to help have a normal life. Don't make gay-ism a normalcy, it is better for this children to grown up without parents than to grow up in the confusion of having either two daddy's or two mummy's, don't deprived them the normal life you had before you made your choice to go homo, let them grow up normally so that they can make choices rationally just like have done.

Please don't mix up the idea of adoption with other options, this plea is all the way, don't even toy with the idea of surrogacy, the fact that the child is from your spermatozoa does not give you the right to deny them a normal life, no you can't do surrogate, going homo is like taking the oath of celibacy, please hold unto love and let it hold, it is an abuse of the right of a child to normal life if you break this rule, don't deny any child the right to a normal life, be it yours or someone else' child. If you were born by a father and a mother, raised by your own blood or adopted by another but raised in a home where there was a real mum and a real dad, please stay away from the idea of having children as long as you've made the choice to be gay, it is important, all lives matters and should be allowed to have normal experiences as you had it before you made your choices.. be true to your man or woman depending on your choice of homosexuality and enjoy the consequences of it. It is not a crime, sooner or later, society will embrace you better so don't worry, just be happy because I love you too.

Please be real, your choice of love is really not a thing to worry about, I personally totally understand where you are and I can only hope you'll understand society as well. Long before you were born, anything that is not seen as normal is usually resisted, sometimes with violence so brace yourself, not everyone is like me, but soon you will become a part of our culture, and like every special member of the society, you will soon become ubiquitous, functioning in your own world and blending in so fine like the rest of us. Please don't remind use that you are gay by holding a placard over your heard everywhere you go as if what you are doing is wrong, it is not wrong, it's only abnormal so please learn from the straight members of the society, remove the placards on your head and let the gay part of you be behind doors with your partner like the rest of us that are not, you don't have to remind us that you are gay and proud, we are not proud about our being straight but we are cool with it. Please keep your sexual orientation mum, we don't need to know.

Lastly before I stop this my unusual rant, remember it is your duty to keep the world around you sane either you are sane or gay, being who you become is not priority, what you project and how other see you is all that defines you in the end. Be smart and courageous and let the world see it in your actions and reaction.


I'm Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Iya Agba - Letter To My Grandma In Heaven

Dear Sabitiu Cecilia Oderinlo,

It seems like a few days ago that you left but indeed, it’s been more than a few years, it’s ten wonderful years already since you left this world of sin to the realm that is unseen to us all, a chapter that we hopefully will see or never get to see if Jesus returns before the inevitable unseen arrives. It’s beautiful that you left at the ripest of age, an age when death was celebrated with funfare even with tears in our eyes, it is sad for me that you left me here all alone, with no one to pamper me like a toddler, no one to run their hand through my hair and make feel like nothing else matters, I rejoice in the beauty of your life, sad you are gone, hoping that I will hold you in my arms again dear Sabitiu.

I know you might find it hard to believe but it’s true, for the first time in a long time, I woke up very very early this morning after sleeping so late and said a prayer, not for myself, but for my friends and foes and the world around me. I could hear your voice aloud in my ears, your sweet sonorous voice reaching out to the God of Heaven as you intercede for all and sundry, giving no damn whether even God can hear you or not because you believed in words and in God Himself more than God could imagine. Your ardent believe in God is not your fault though, who else will you believe in if not the God of heaven that gave you Oluwarantimi (God Remembered Me) and Olatundun at a very old age, making me the bonafide Super Grandson of A Barren Woman. Even when you’ve given up, God showed up so you cared less about whether He was going to show again… you held unto him all through, and here we are, in hundreds and more, the children and grandchildren of the once barren Sabitiu, my “Iya Agba”. I hope you are resting and not working hard up there like you always do, I trust you sha, I know you can’t grow weak even in Heaven.

I’ve got good news for you Cecilia, the feat that God did with you, yes! Ending your barreness… He’s visited us again and Auntie Dupe Pupa, yes Dupe Olaiya your granddaughter has finally given birth to a child… don’t scream and dance and roll like you usually do, I know she’s in her 50s, but I also know you were older and you still had Tundun after Ranti… We are already in our Oliver Twist mode dear, we are asking Baba God for a son for her like you had it. I forgot you are up there with Baba God, you saw it all already, just tell big G that I have collected Boluwatife from her, she still needs her own child… Yes I did, I took her as my own, she came on the same day I was born, and she’s my name sake so she’s mine. Atlast I found someone that will make me miss you less, just like Ayokunumi, just the thought of her brings me limitless joy.

Iya Agba mio! (in Uncle Paul’s voice), I hope you are there with your son Paul, he left before you but we kept it a secret because you loved him too much and we didn’t want you to die of a heartbreak like he did, we loved you too much too but we are glad you finally found him again… you guys have been together for 10 years now, I feel jealous he’s got you because I miss you, but I’m glad… I can say I miss you.
I miss making those fine cornrow with your felefele hair, knowing it will get loose in two or three days and I will have to plait it again, your thought me almost everything, including how to make a woman beautiful by making her hair, I miss every minute of you and I am glad you are mine forever, not even Iya Toyin that I love so dearly can take your place. I love you Iya Agba mi!

I couldn’t cry when you died, everybody did but I just couldn’t find tears, I laughed when I saw your son cry, I chose not to believe it but tonight, I write this with tears in my eyes… not just because you’re gone, I remember everything you were and I just can’t seem to find anyone else to fill the void you left. I will say nothing about who you were, both the dead and living that knew you celebrate you today again and again.

I will pretend I believe that phrase “God loves you more”, even God knows that I love you more.

Keep Resting My Dear Grandma.
Iya Agba
Iya Alate
Iya Onidiri

Aya Baba Ori Oke

Yours in love,
Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
Oko Iya Agba

Monday, June 8, 2015

Introducing! The Beautiful Daughter of A Barren Woman

Here's my beauty, my heart, my one and one true sweet heart, the bestest gift I have received from God.

Let me introduce you to Oreoluwa, Boluwatife, Eniola, Ayokunumi...

I'm sure by now you must have noticed she's my name sake "Eniola" but that's not all... She's my birthday mate, my heart, soul and etc mate... We're #Aries πŸ‘Œ and more importantly the offsprings of barren women.

I'm the Grandson of a Barren Woman "Sabitiu" πŸ˜‰ and Boluwatife here is The Daughter of A Beautiful Barren Woman "Modupeola" who happens to be my big cousin 😘. She got her rare beauty from her barren mum, perhaps because she came through a womb that has been preserve for more than 50 years πŸ’, a perfect gift from God she is...

Don't act surprised, she's the first child and the only daughter of a 50something year old woman, she arrived on thesame day I was born in April 2015 and we are hoping her lil brother comes in a year or two. My dad and his sister came when my late Grandma Sabitiu was in her late 50s and early 60s so don't even think I'm asking for the impossible, remember I'm the grandson of a barren woman, I've been there before πŸ˜‰.

Now that you've met my everything, I hope you know you don't really really matter πŸ˜‰ she's all that matter πŸ’― πŸ’― forever and God ultimately. Ehn... Don't even think about it, my @culbertamuwa is still πŸ’―πŸ’― and Oyindamola is still πŸ’―πŸ’―, they just got a lil sis and the πŸ’―πŸ’―% % feeling got a multiplier effect.

If you've given up on yourself,convinced yourself that God has forgotten you, just need to let you know that Boluwatife lon Ε›e n'sola, AΕ›eyiowun L'Oluwa. Don't give up on yourself, get up and smile, look into the eyes of Ayokunumi and rewrite the word hope in your heart.πŸ™πŸ‘Œ

It's still me, The Grandson of A Barren Woman, introducing the Boluwatife, The Beautiful First Daughter of A Gorgeous Barren WomanπŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’‹πŸ™

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Friday, May 15, 2015

The True Definition of Grace

The society plus the English dictionaries erroneously defined Grace as

" the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings (in Christian belief)"

Yes it is free and given only to those who accept it, yes it was manifested through the death and resurrection of Christ, but it doesn't bestow blessing or immunity in such perspective, it rathers gives you a new identity that is defined and characterized by the life of Christ, giving you the ability to resist sin and overcome temptation. It doesn't give you the license to continue in sin under the guise of "the price is paid" or "I am immune to sin", grace does not cover for sin, it gives you the power to step away from it totally.

To make it clearer and more congenial, I will use an analogy that defines everything clearly so we understand the perspective of grace, away from the general perspective.

Whether you are a saint or sinner, white, black or any colour between, Pope or usher, President or the least in the civil service, as long as you are not Khaleesi aka Daenerys Stormborn Dany The Unburnt of the Game of Thrones, if you deep your hand into an open flame or you're thrown into a burning pit, you will get burnt like suya because that's the natural order. That is the nature of sin, that is its natural identity, it's like the flame, not a respecter of any man; when you deep your hand into it, you become guilty, a sinner and if you don't make restitution or obtain mercy through confession and reconnection with the redemptive power of Christ, you remain a sinner and you earn the ultimate wage which is death; not the death but eternal death as defined in the (Matt. 25:46; Mark 3:29; Hebrews 6:2; 2 Thess. 1:9; Matt. 18:8; 25:41; Jude 1:7).

A prominent Old Testament word describing God's grace is "Chesed". This word speaks of deliverance from enemies, affliction, or adversity. It also denotes ENABLEMENT, CAPACITY, DAILY GUIDIANCE, FORGIVENESS, and PRESERVATION. The New Testament word is "Charis". It focuses on the provision of salvation and not an elimination of sin.

Grace doesn't give you the license to go and continue in sin and remain blameless, it prevents you from stepping into sin when you come into close contact with it, enables you to step away and preserves you with knowledge. It gives you a new life and a refined understanding, a daily guidance on how to live like Christ without struggle. Grace is not defined for incessant pardon, it is engineered to preserve you in Christ and away from the capacity to sin.

You can stay away from sin, you can live a life of grace powered by god, remember what the apostle said in Phil 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

It's not hard too achieve this, me sef no holy pass but I understand this for one "Ore Ofe Saa Ni Mon Je".

I'm Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo
I Write What I Like

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Unanswered Questions

*Deep Thoughts* ... A picture of Mars and I laugh

Why spend so much billions to send a bot to Mars to search for life when we can't spare a dime to feed the life on earth?

Why so much money on research for guns, bombs and bullets when we can't seem to raise enough to cook a pack of noodles for the man on the street…?

Why leave the projects in pieces and put together a fighter Jet of billions of Dollar...?

Why leave the classrooms empty and the military bases filled with new explosives...?

why scream of terrorism when the walls of knowledge are down and bombs abound with morons in turbans and gowns around to blow away unsung because the life they live is meaningless and they see no reason why they shouldn't take more with them to heaven or hell?

Why run for the medals on the pitch while the race we run within is unending with rage and bitterness to win?

Why the talk of war when we can preach the gospel of peace and teach the earth to listen to it?

Why the reach for glory on the moon when the earth we know and own is torn and worn and all we have to blame for the carcass we bread is the Ozone layer and global warming?

Why create enemies that never existed just to be seen as strong and kill the sons and fathers and friends and patriots who fight for love of country, blinded by the love of God?...

Why hide the truth in lines of codes know to a few and broadcast the lies about life in all languages on CNN, BBC et al?

Why hide the beauty of Africa and show the world the slums of Zimbabwe, the Massai in Kenya, depicting the jungles of Zambia, the arid desert of Niger and Ajegunle in Nigeria as the real Africa?

Why not the plush temperate plateaus in Jos, the fat banks of Abuja that is daily robbed by the crown, the beautiful plains of J'burg and the beautiful heart of my mother?

Why show me the history of Africa as written by John Bull, James and Jill on paper and not the history of my rich heritage as written by Mazembe, Attah and Arogundade in my invaluable curios hidden behind bars and walls in Europe and not in my Palace and shrines where the wisdom that carved it needed it to be?

Why keep the Bronze head of Benin and the Jewels of the pyramids in the Museum of her majesty when the men you met on the "Cape of Hope" were primeval and only worth a peice of mirror?

Why is my history so precious so valuable, rare, unusual, and intriguing that you kept it a secret from me, never letting go and you have nothing to show for your untold wisdom than tales of destruction, death and pain brewed by your abandonment of nature that i daily preserve?.

Why are you now running back to the nature you destroyed?

Why now back to the cherubic and holiest unknown that Sango commanded with anger and Oya with the tying of her wrapper in waves...


I wanna save the world from the people in it without a gun or calvar vest on me...
I wanna rescue the lives that live on earth from the bots that roam and rule it with the intelligence and wisdom God as placed within it and not the life or wisdom of Mars or the celestial...
All I wanna do is live so they can...and not kill to wear the crown that I will leave to join the dust from whence my Adam is formed

NB: NASA, BOKO HARAM, CNN etc ... Revolution, Evolution a new standard is coming soon

Friday, May 1, 2015

Looking For God


God, can you still understand us here?
I grow up knowing that there's a place where any type if human can go for help and rescue
I look forward to going to church every Sunday
I would dance my heart out with no money in my pocket
I would go back home feeling so happy and fulfilled
But as I grow older, church becomes so different
It started looking like what I can't fathom
It becomes the more you give, the more familiar your face would become to the "man of God"
You give little you are known little
You have nothing, you mean nothing
Church becomes all about the clique you belong
It becomes so hard to have a church if you have no job because tithe has to be paid hence you are not yet a bonafide member
Those days you put money in the offering basket without even your left hand knowing what you give to GOD but now people give to "God" with their full names boldly written on it
Hmmmm! I am like
“Who is this accountability to God or Man of God?”
Hmmmm! God I just hope you still understand, at least that the world is now highly civilized and that everything has changed to the world standard and not the Bible's way
When you go to the club, everybody leaves without anyone back biting but now the church is the headquarter of gossips, each clique gossiping about another
God I hope you still understand?
Church has now become a weekly red carpet if you don't have those outstanding clothes, maybe you should consider doing your own service with your family at home
Church that I read about in the Bible
Is supposed to mend your broken life and help be the best in your walk with God but now consider bringing enough money if you need to even see the friendly side of the man of God
Most churches now teach you prosperity just for you to bring your tithe and if you do otherwise you are in the black book of the man of God
Every church has the interpretation of the bible according to their conveniences
God I just hope you still understand that the man of God needs to gather wealth?
Jesus, according to what we read in the bible, He always shield His people and provide for them in many ways but now the congregation must take the heat and shield the man of God
Man of God would collect money from politicians and command his congregation to vote for a preferred candidate because he would claim that God has told him to
God, do you still understand this man of God?
Pride, preference, deceit, gossips, fornication, adultery, indecency and all countless evils now reside in the church yet the man of God can't see
He can only see the checks, the envelopes, the luxurious gifts and the "big men" in the church
Kabiyesi olodumare!!!
YOU have said that in your word that when you come back
Will you meet faith on earth?
Also that the judgment would start from the church
Now I know why you said that
The church is filled with evils and the people who should say the truth are the ones deceiving the people!
God, I just hope you still understand us?
When I say I can't even tell who the man of God is
I hope you know I sincerely don't know?
God, I hope you still understand us?
If I remember correctly, the unbelievers named people who act like Christ Christians
But now people's acts don't portray their Christianity anymore instead it's part of their introduction
“I am a Christian”
Unbelievers now rejoice at our follies
Oh come come! See them that said they are Christians
Hmmmm! My Lord, my God
I hope you can still understand everything!!!

Written by Kemisola Adeyemi

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

That Building Is Not The Church

The Church is actually YOU


Let's do this real quick before people start calling me a pastor...I am not one and going by the current definition of that profession, I don't think I'll ever want to be one... Just like Jesus, call me Rabi.

I'm that kinda brother that has a weakness for everything God made, yes I'm totally natural but there is this thing with Hennessey VSoP that makes me assume it's natural, I guess it's the fact that I've convinced myself that what Jesus did was convert a normal "shayo" to the VSoP version of it in Canaan on that fateful day he launched His arrival with an induced miracle... Now I get it, the water was turned to a supernatural "shayo", now I know why, Hennessey VSoP must be supernatural.

Before I distract you away from why I choose to continue with my father's business today, must first of all clearly say this without fear of favour all over again God No Dey Live For Church #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch.

When Christ completed his redemptive mission here on Earth, He handed things over to the spirit form of the Godhead "The Holy Spirit" whose first interaction with his apostles was recorded in the upper room saga in the year of our Lord AD. When the outpouring of the spirit occurred, it was in a meeting well attended one and from the rumour recorded in ACT 2, it was witnessed by both Jews and the Gentiles, and I'm almost sure an Igbo man must have been dear interpreting when Peter started speaking in Igbo language. According to the acts recorded, the entrance of the Holy Spirit did not possess the building or the vessels present in the upper room, it entered into the apostles and manifested expressly in them for all to see. I'm almost sure that nobody went back to the upper room to offer some form of special prayers in it or use it as a point of contact or  some form ritualistic shrine out of it for the Holy Spirit because they knew that God was in them and not in the building #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch

"The veil is torn, the stone is rolled, Hallelujah! Jesus has risen...". I'm sure nobody is worshiping in His tomb today.

The finished work of Christ broke the veil of the temple, revealing the former holy of holies to all and establishing the high priesthood of Jesus ultimately. 40 years after his death, the temple was destroyed as he had prophesied and the genealogy of the Levites were lost with it. It became obvious that he meant it when he terminated the contract that existed between God and the buildings of stone, concrete and clay that was instituted by God himself initially. The purpose of the temples and altars were for offering sacrifices of redemption and for burnt offerings for the atonement of sins, but when Christ redeemed all, the altar was no longer required, our High Priest had chosen a new temple which was and is still the heart of you and me, applicable to only those who open when he comes knocking.

If the temples were destroyed as an indicator of the end of the era of sin and sacrifices to usher in a new age that was won by the death and resurrection of Christ, why then are we still building temples, monument and cathedrals in the name of Jesus Christ? You're surprised? I am Flabberwhelmed and Overghasted. Even the early church and apostles were constantly in motion with no permanent building or kiosk, the meeting and fellowship was more important than the venue.

Why then do we build large span of brick, metal and mortar for the purpose of business and in the name of God, only opened when there is offerings to be receive, tithes to be demanded and once we are done, we put it under locks and keys while Jesus is locked out in the cold harley, wrapped in cardboard and begging for alms? He said in his words that "Whatsoever you do to the needs of thy brother, you have done it to me"

He reminded us of this days when he said "When I was sick, you didn't help me, when I was in Prison,  you didn't visit me, when I was homeless, you locked your door on me and when I was hungry you didn't give me to eat" and we asked when did we did we do all this things and the answer is right above.

What is the purpose of a cathedral of 3km2 when Jesus is out in the cold desolate, what is the purpose of a church when his real temple, your heart lies in ruin, explain it to me, why build such a large dwelling and luck it up in the name of Jesus when he neither lives in it nor have any interest in it while the real church is abandoned to waste under the bridge in Oshodi.

God does not live in building made with hands, it was quite clearly stated in Acts 17:23-26 with reasons so there is absolutely nothing sacred about a church building or the more admonished altar, it was not built for God in the first place so you won't find Him living in any of such properties. You are the church, the house that God is building and he's only interested in living in your heart. 2Chro 2:6 says

"But who is able to build him an house, seeing the heaven and heaven of heavens cannot contain him? who am I then, that I should build him an house, save only to burn sacrifice before him?"

Remember He what he said in Matt 18:19-20
"Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."

and not.." wherever a multitude is gathered in an auditorium", all you need to declare heaven on earth is your neighbour or a friend and not a pastor. He will definitely honour His words when two or thousands are gathered in anywhere in His name whether canopy or auditorium, but when you are done, He's no longer there, He left with you and me and wherever the meeting is held is just a building that God has no spiritual or physical connection with #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch

Stop running to the mountains, He's already in you, stop rolling before any vane altar, you are His altar and temple, let's build a shelter for God by building homes for the homeless and the needy, that is the only time you are building a house for God. God does not live in Deeper Life camp, Redemption Camp, MFM prayer city, Canaan Land and co, #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch, if we really want God to live in those places, let's open it up for the homeless and those who cannot afford a plot in Haggai or Shiloh, that is when God will really move into camp. The only plot or altar he wants to live in is your heart.

I'm still Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo​
I Write What I like
Remember this... #GodNoDeyLiveForChurch