Sunday, August 15, 2010

The prayer of a JJC (Jigawa Jesus Corper)

Dear Jesus,

I step out into this ‘New World’ unknown

Knowing not the land or its people

But knowing you reign in my affairs

And rules the heart of the kings

Working all things together for my good

                I pray that you lead as you will 

                I and I into your purpose and will

The cold unbearable and the heat extreme

From the raging sand storm, my eyes I shield

But still I seek your face within

My tongue your tongue and language your dialect

Even Has Thou compass me as with a shield

                I pray for grace to do your will

                I pray for strength in this time of need

The year is over and now I am known

The land and its people my friends and home

The goods and gains and expression of expectation

Your thoughts established beyond my imagination

A year of grace and glory you granted

                Let not your praise depart from my lips in pride

                Let not my pride becloud your glory in me a whole

                    Ajuwayah Baba!