Thursday, January 3, 2008


Everywhere in the world, people admire winners, they celebrate them, and everyone wants to be like them in every endeavor and different works of life. A lot of people wants to be there, but only a few knows how to or what it takes to get there, others just dream it, but they never get to live it. All they say is “I want to be”, but it’s never “I want to know how to be”. Some take the initiative and inquire, but when they see what it takes to get there, they back out just like that Tax collector guy did when Jesus told him to sell all he’s got, carry his cross and follow him. All they want is the pleasure that comes with winning; they don’t want to feel the pain of the process involved. Like my chairman once said to my hearing “the result of hard work is more work” but what most Nigerians want today is fat pocket, and a condo on the beach of Bermuda with little or no work, that is why the dream so many today is winning Baba-Ijebu and National lotto, few will win by luck ☺, but the fact is that the winner takes the money of the millions of loosers that played the game.

The present Nigerian situation is plagued with the problem of money consciousness and gluttony, young minds that are meant to desire knowledge flee in purchase of money, even the leaders make them believe money is it by stealing even what is their own but believe me. Winning is more than just money.

This world we are living in is no rainbow or sunshine
It is a very mean and nasty place, filled with hard hearted people
(Just like most Nigerian politicians)
It doesn’t care about how tough you are
It will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.
To life, you and me are nobody
It is going to hit us so hard and that is life
Nature supports this down ward pulling trends
The pull of gravity on everything, ravaging might of fire, the strength of the winds
Everything about life is about falling hard, crashing out and staying down.
But there are basic principles in life that not only lead to success
But also delivers victory only if we follow them.
In order to win, it’s not about how hard you can hit or get hit
It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward
How much you can take and keep pressing forward
How you can always stand up and stand tall when you fall
That is how winning is done

If you know what you want in this life, go for it
If you know what you are worth, go out and get what you are worth
Your positive attitude and winning mentality makes you worthy to take the hit
Because you have to be worthy to take the hit

Stand up now, rather than sit-down and say you are not what you want to be because of the Nigeria situation or anybody. Only cowards do that and that is not you
You are better than that, and that is what you have to know and believe, you have to start believing in yourself, think positive.

You have to believe in yourself, until you start believing in yourself, you are not going to have a life, and without a life you can’t be renewed and will naturally some to nothing.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Proposed speech for NNC 010108

Developing a positive attitude

When the idea of standing in front of everybody here today to say something came to my mind, I was at work in the hot sun of Ipaja. You can ask me what

I do much later, probably after I step down from here.

There is this particular sentence in the scripture that I love so much and will love to share with everyone present here today, most of us must have heard or read it before.” As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” simple but loaded with the element of positive thinking. I picked this because of why we are here today, the New Nigerian Club. There as been a lot of controversies since the pre-launch of the NNC, the major rift being doubt and unbelief, two of the greatest enemies of man. This enemies destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, undermines enthusiasm, kill self reliance and all this is needed for a rebirth, and finally it drives opportunities away from your reach.

The unbelief of anything that is branded Nigeria by Nigerians is a mentality that as eaten deep into the Nigerian system and this as to be reversed by no other person, persons, organization or group than you and I present here today. I am glad I am a changed Nigerian that as always believed in Nigeria even in my lust world, and now more than ever, I strongly believe in anything that is Nigerian, and especially the ones with the signature of Deolu Akinyemi on it. The reason for this is simple, he is continuously selling himself to me and as been able to do that simply because he’s got only one attitude and that is the positive attitude. More of the reason I am here today.

You can also sell yourself successfully; you can become a success in everything you do just by putting on a positive attitude, what you are selling is not the deals of NNC or the MLM, the product is you. You have to eat, drink, and even where a positive attitude towards everything in other to become a success. You have to widen your outlook, learn to be a positive thinker, dwell only on the positive, and erase the negative, start looking at everything around you positively. Try this and you will be amazed not only at benefits that comes with being positive, but also at the improvement you can make to such cause, and the raw power that positive thinking will unleash within you.

The New Nigeria Club, just like the father of Galileo “who widened his son’s outlook just by gently turning the spyglass around so that Galileo can look through from the right side, this gave Galileo the right vision and how fortunate he did”. Galileo grew up always looking at the world from the right end of the spyglass; he improved the primitive telescope and with it, discovered the moons of Jupiter and craters of Mars. In the same vein, the NNC is here to correct the myopic word view of Nigerians, and the cynical stance of the rest of the world. To position them on the right end of the scope, creating in us all a new and positive attitude towards Nigeria and engineering a re-birth of the new Nigeria we desire.

Turn yourself around, learn to see things from the right perspective, if you can’t identify it, don’t just sit down and believe it’s no good, ASK, and you will be surprised that it’s just an inch away. Learn to listen, think positive, think big and work on making the good idea even better. Use these improvements to phase out the negative, think out the better. The NNC is a humble idea that needs you and me to be positively supportive so that it can blossom into a better and positive dynamite. Believe me, there is nothing good or bad, the mind determines whether something is good or bad, therefore you can always redesign your mind for just the good and the positive. Young or old, become a positive whirlwind today, and you will be glad you did. Doubt, unbelief, indecision and procrastination are all your enemies, ignore them, and believe in a new positive and better Naija. If you are not a member of the NNC yet, join NNC today if not for anything, join because me I need down lines oo! I believe, Do you?