Friday, September 12, 2008

I Dey Go Village Go Farm!

Although this sounds more like a joke but it is one of the options I have been giving a critical consideration since return of the strike factor into Yaba College of Technology, different level or should I say different caliber of strikes and seizure in the academic process that as almost left the academic community in a complete outer darkness and irreconcilable shamble.

The countless number of strikes that YabaTech as embarked over the years as turn a good number of students to liars and incredible people amongst friends and folks. How do you explain it to your friends or even foes that you got admission into a school in 2003 for a two years program that was suppose to end in 2005 but yours actually ended in march 2006, your Industrial attachment was meant to be for a year but you had to stay another year to conclude yours because the school Management felt that WAPOGA was more important than your academic career and finally you resumed on 2nd of January 2008 for your HND only to spend a whooping seven month in school for the 1st semester amidst strikes from the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) and Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) and on resumption of the second semester, you started with a warning strike and from ASUP and after two weeks of lectures, ASUP is back on a full scale indefinite strike and today is 12th of September and you are yet to know when the next semester begins or when the strike will end. The beauty of the whole situation is that, you don’t get to know why everybody is on strike…loll :) I can remember chating with a one of the students from Ondo state who works with the security outfit of the college telling me that his dad called him a liar because he kept telling the old man back in Ondo state that school is on strike, He said the old man told him to come home if he has been expelled from school rather than sit down in lagos and do nothing. i don't blame the old man, i am finding it hard to believe him myself, although we are in the same shoes.

I am not complaining about the situation because I know that all things work together for good for they that love God, and I pray for the better love of Christ everyday of my life; so I know I am secured. But what about the lives of the general student populace, who will be ready to employ an undergraduate whose school is in strike, what will the young minds that are admitted into higher institutions of today be doing at home or thinking about their lives, I know say no be all of us go go school but what about the selected few whose future is constantly being toyed with in the balance by the uncaring situation surrounding them?

As for me, I done talk am before, I Dey Go Village Go Farm and if you are tired of this situation, stop complaining, come join me and let’s plant together, don’t let any Owoso of this world or Yar Adua’s health determine what happens to you, make the U-turn, don’t join the queue, form a new line… Thank God I dey always follow my father to the farm those days when we had him farming on a larger scale…

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Way Things Are!

It's about Yaba College of Technology, a school that has been under the uncaring leadership of Olubunmi Owoso for the past seven years. Just four session as been completed during His tenure, only a few of the students that left the college can be referred to as graduates because too many are yet to go for there NYSC. The Institution as been academically inactive for too long because academic activity as been on for less than 6months in three years. Unnecessary update of academic calendar in 2006, WAPOGA in 2007 which lasted longer than necessary, indefinable indefinite strike in early 2008 by lecturers, another strike ensued immediately after the school 1st semester exams ended on July 4th and NOW we are on strike again and they are threatening to send students out of the college with Policemen.

Who is really in-charge is the question I can't find answers to? Who funds the School? Who determines what happens? Who cares about the lives of the students on campus? Who cares about their future that is being marred rather than molded? What is the function of the college itself? I think from the definition of yabatech, it is to create nauseating nuisance and complicate the lives of the students they admitted initially for academic excellence. I don't know the definition to give this situation, but I think it is better to see the administration of this College as the definite Judas' God as place on our path to destined success. What else can we think, what else can I think when the people that are meant to be the custodian of our desires to succeed are people of questionable character... Our own very Leader as been invited twice in less than eleven months by the EFCC for interrogation on embezzlement/fund miss-management related issue...

I have more to say about this situation but I think I must drop it like it's hot for now!
For all I know is that all things work together for me because I love GOD!