Friday, February 6, 2009

Exciting Quality

I know have not been up here for a while but I’m glad I am back and here with a question…
Not just a question, but also an answer to this cute question am about to ask. Wonder what the question is, here we go..

I bet this is a million naira question a lot of people might find it hard to answer because most of our actions as totally become reflexes and response to unprecedented situations around us. We only react to events instead of responding to changes in and around us in our daily living. This great question should be on our minds as we take decisions and make our daily choices in life. Life in itself is competition of ranging qualities and paradigms, and since the only reason for activity is result, as healthy individuals in this contest; we must define our actions to produce the qualitiest of results.

In producing the best required of us and beyond, there are certain conditions that we must satisfy and surpass in order to be better than the best and stay ahead. Meeting specified requirements or standards of the situations we encounter in our day to day activities determines our qualitative abilities and who we are. It sharpens our productivity and partially determines our reach but that is not all. The world out there is expecting some values beyond the standards that are established and recognized, some for personal reasons, others unconditionally necessary. These expectations that must be met in order to derive satisfaction from every of our actions however unpleasant they might seem like.

ut to standing out and standing tall requires moving beyond this specification and expectations to produce what is exciting and expected. Sounds unusual but it is in the nature of man to set standards that are below their desires and sometimes personal needs, due to the fact that we are most times afraid of our abilities to achieve both the imaginable and unimaginable, we underestimate prowess and still we expect more than the output of the parameters we have set in motion, so to stand out we must add excitement to this expectation

Moving beyond what is specified and expected to what is exciting and unexpected really gets to break the ice, bringing in an element of surprise and excitement brings the world to our scene no matter how remote it is, and keeps the world we catch with us for life, men that are beyond our reach; friends and foe. With the exciting, the competition stops.

Listen to the world around you, be responsive and experience the quantum leap.

I'm in love

Sometimes I think aloud
Sometimes it’s the silent beat of my heart
But never a day without the thought of you

Sometimes I wish it away
Sometimes I crave for you more and more within
But never a for a moment or it fraction been bold enough
To let go, ‘cos there is no living without you

Even if all the stars wander to Kano
And the big round moon to the big “Aamu” in grandma’s yard
Your thought will never depart from my heart
Neither will your love be eschewed by me
Ooooh! Osimiri

You are my sun by day
The glory of my dark golden skin
My star at night
Shining brighter even in the darkest of nights

If t’was, I will be gone with the winds
Just the thought of you gives the hope of a new day
If for me, it would have faded away
But you are right there as constant as the North Star

Immeasurable, even with the “kéré” on mother’s drum
Invaluable, larger than life itself
Exquisite and wonderfully complex
Even the wisest of men stand in awe in your site
'Cos you are more than a tale of beauty untold

No wonder you stole my heart
And I never wanted it back, never!
So precious you are to me
That even I’m nothing without you
Ooooh! Osimiri

I’m in love with you