Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hair-cut (HeadAche)

I just have to thank God for this headache banging my head right now, it’s pretty much something I saw coming, I felt it even before the clipper started munching my hair, but still I am grateful; I thank Babaloke for the opportunity to hack down this hair again… it won’t be long before it gets long and interesting again.. yeah my hair grows fast and long.

I am also grateful for the way things dey go around me, my truck, school… everything!

I guess mine is a case of banana-eating-monkey, the other way round situation. I know a thousand people that will develop a migraine or headache if they don’t visit a barber in two weeks, but mine is a different ball game entirely. A visit to the barbers shop and a cold bath, and my head is here on my neck screaming for aspirin or some more potent pain killer, my body not liking the emptiness and the cringing hairless feeling.

I wonder why I went for the clean near-skin cut, I know it’s not because I got tired of my Afro… the afro is something I love and the look it gives me keeps me handsome and satisfied, I could have just brought it down a little and avoid this ground breaking headache, still can’t lay my hands on the real reason I went for the kill, now am paying for it. Trying to figure out the real reason, definitely it is not because my hair got half burnt (real flames no burns), or because I want to make den haters smile… now I hate the guilt I make them feel right now, and definitely not the smiles of friends that think I look beautiful on the low-cut, I mean without my afro. I don’t want to look beautiful, not for anybody, I just wanna be handsome and avoid the cat-calls have been getting all morning with my haircut.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back to Basics

Just writing with some gangsta

I've been online for a while now, trying to deal with a lot of things happening around me....processing, digesting and outputting... I bet it's a real big world out here, although everything looks a little bit smaller on my monitor and I just can't imagine how close everything that happens here gets.

Blogging for me hasn't been blogging in the real sense of it; it's been more of a personal thing rather than sharing as the thing dey go in the real world of blogging that I have been experiencing on right, left and center. I feel the need for my blogging experience to be a little bit about sharing, I guess that gives me more to write and even more to share... which brings me to what I am about to share... it's about the streets and the laws that governs it. The game hasn't changed much since I’ve been around, and it's been pretty much the same since I left out, but now is the right time for me to get back my street rep... and valuation, too many new kids on the block and they really need to know...

It's pretty much not a gangsta thing, it more about identifying with the people in my hood, the men on the streets, the brothers in the background that pretty much watch things happen while I make things happen. They are sure dangerous but not without responsibility, they are quite not the normal people you deal with daily, but they are pretty much a part of the ecosystem, and a very important part of it being that they provide unskilled and semi-skilled labour, provide potential protection and although they exhibit danger on their own, they pretty much keep danger of the line of everyday living. They are brotherly but not the kinda brothers you personalize, friendly but never with a smile and they come in handy pretty much in times of need.

I lost touch with this brothers pretty much while i was away learning more about the way things her (status quo) so that I won’t end up being a slave or a part of it. I lost much or my relationship with the streets and the oils in its wheels while away in pursuit of academic excellence, all in the process of becoming better than the best. While i was away, the rules remained pretty much the same but rulers changed, power changed hands and the new leadership is made up pretty much of the young guns who were still learning the ways of the streets, and still quite irrelevant while I was around back then, but now, they grown up, learned new skills and outgunned their ex's and are now at the helms of affairs. Not that the leaders of then are down and out, they are still their in the background, they influence the streets but they pretty much watch things happen. They are there and they are still my connect... my skills and experience will help pretty much in bridging the gap.

You can't be as rich and famous as I am and walk pretty much in the shadows, I am more like a burning lamp, my place is not underneath, I am high above and I can’t go around without knowing and living with the streets. They can't survive without me, knowing them now is like giving the streets honour and value, with real love

Monday, February 1, 2010

A NAUSS Thing!

An Ode To MY Friends

A pal once said in sarcasm…
"Show me your friends"
And I said
"What if I tell you about me?
Will I be bias?
Would it be me bragging about who I am not?
I don't want to think about it"
Then I told him a story
A visiting friend of mine
Told me after a week on departure...
"Trips are long, lagging and tiresome
The roads are bad, dangerous and my broken teeth says it all
But destinations like you make it worthwhile
Had I not a mother "Iya Toyin"
Your mum, our mum, "Iya Shade" it must be her
Friends are hard to come by
I am not in dearth, I have you
Say the world is flat, I will believe you
You are a mat worth lying on...
If this is me; who are my friends?
A dedication to NAUSS
a rendition from a friend to friends like...

Abiodun Ogunnibe
Adedayo Adeyomoye
Adegunle Samsom
Ademola Adesina
Adesanya Adewale (Fx)
Babatunde Olawale (BOY)
Bankole Bukola
Opeyemi Benjamin
Ogunlowo Busayo
Echerobia Gwill
Ogundana Stanley
Medal Amed Azeez
Meme Paul
Mek's D Prince
Shogade Adewale
Shope Oyeyemi
Babajide Ajayi
Olusola Runsewe
Oluwatosin Olonimoyo (RIP)
Deborah Shobowale
Biodun Busola Rachael
Bimpe Titi Foluke
Hajia Fatima et al...
Tosin Omonaija Soyege
Adunni Amu
Lara Oladipo
and more friends than i can ever remember

And to the patrons of good deeds Oribi Charles
The son of my mother "Iya Shade" Ayodeji Lawrence Lajubutu
That sexy boy from across the river Ubong Nkana
And you!

Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo