Friday, August 30, 2013

A New Level of Grace?

For every human that has been redeemed through the resurrection of Christ are anointed and drafted into the commonwealth of Zion. "Touch not my anointed"  as used  in the bible referred to a particular group of Israelites (Israelis) in the Bible somewhere in the Psalm of David at a particular time and I believe that is redeemed of God is under this anointing so I presume this particular even Ese Walter is anointed and has been touched if the story were true (my interpretation). Abeg before I go on, did the Bible say some prophets and pastors will sing this song  "On judgment day many will say to me, ‘Lord! Lord! We prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name.’ But I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’" Mat 7:22

Permit me to say that we should pray to God to open our eyes of understanding, even the prophet Samuel couldn't spot the chosen or should I say anointed in the house of Jesse, he almost poured the oil of crimson on the wrong brother because of what he saw on the outside (Remember, it's God that anoints not the oil). A lot of our so-called men of God are physically anointed today because religious leaders stayed religious instead of being Christians, they've anointed the tall in place of the called, empowered the fluent instead of the filled and ordained the talented in place of the chosen ones. Saul was called to be the captain of his people but when he failed in the task, another was chosen to take his place... I remember even his son Jonathan became instrumental in the process of deposing Saul... so even when a man is called and he/she cease to serve the purpose of the master, even members of his household will be used to effect the needed change.

Jesus is the highest of priest and the only head of the church and he was touched and done so many harms.. all of that became salvation for us all..let's assume our high priest annulled that rule there when he said "father forgive them for they knoweth not what they are doing"(assumption). We are all brethren and nobody is more than the other before God or specially placed in heaven. Can you remember the number of times Paul used the word brethren even in his letter to the disciples who are suppose to be his spiritual fathers (The Witnesses), this disciples broke bread and drank wine with Jesus. Paul was even prayed for after the Damascus route experience before he could regain his sight by those he later called brethren and sometimes scolded when things weren't so right. Pastors, preachers and our fathers in faith are here to guide and help us grow, but when they go wrong, I think the crowd should do the flogging in accordance with the provisions of1 Tim 5:20.

The household of faith is not built to harbor lies or encourage deceit. Let me give you a scenario... Jesus called The Synagogue is father's house, can you please tell me what he used in chasing gamblers and hagglers out of the synagogue? I know it, it is bulala aka koboko. If we are Christians and we are suppose to be like Christ and probably do greater things like He said we will do, I think it is right if we use FANBELT or something stronger to do the job this time around...It is the right thing to do and believe me, we won't be troubling the household of faith, we will be giving the kingdom a new breath of fresh spiritually fulfilling air. Like you rightly said, guilty or not, the work of God will go on, and in case you are worried about the church, don't try to think or device a way of helping God, He will take good care of his church... remember what happened to that man that tried helping to prevent the Ark of God from falling? I don't know the verse but I remember he was struck with lightning. If you care, I commented a bit earlier, maybe you can scroll up and read my earlier comment. I am not here to castigate or condemn but I will be found only where the truth is said and propagated.

There is no room for being diplomatic when things go wrong,  It is blind stupidity to try and  introduce the morality "status quo" into this insanity that has become a cancerous canker-worm that is eating deep into Christendom, causing so much decadence and bringing reproach on saints and sinners alike. The same regard and respect model that has thought Nigerians to demand treating a rich thief with care while a common thief is quickly bludgeoned to death. A system that ensures or should i say preach that we accord respect to elders even when they are wrong or doing it wrong for reasons I am yet to read in the Bible (maybe I don't read the Bible that much?) and for this we allow a lot of things to go wrong because we are not suppose to correct some people because they are richer, older or more spiritual ...Hmmmm! "I no holy pass" or "Sabi pass" but everything I've read here as been based on spiritual principles that the Bible teaches, I am yet to see anyone go out of those guidelines even when they are not diplomatic about it so I refuse to go with your flow. Regurgitate and re-digest everything you've read here and please, make no comparison of our analysis, suggestions or opinion, we are all from diverse spiritual background and school of thought. Thank you.

I will mention church but no names. I've had a female colleague that was constantly harassed and offered another level of grace by a RCCG pastor whose wife is a close family friend. I have heard of some supposed men of God held in high esteem various works of life who use everywhere they are as an altar but instead of preaching salvation, they preach this new level of grace to just the girls but encourage the men to continue to hold fast and struggle in the Lord. Imagine a pastors who make it hard for you to say amen when they pray, sometimes I have to convince yourself within your spirit before you say amen, you deafen your ears and create a mental picture of Jesus saying the prayers himself instead of this agents of destruction. I seek grace daily and will continue to pray and intercede in ways I can. The good thing about this situation is that if this men confessed their iniquities yesterday and Jesus was asked today, He won't remember but that doesn't erase the karma+nemesis of what they've done.

I am not here to cast any stone but I am here to call a spade a spade. Jesus came for the sinners and not the saints.. I enjoy that righteousness that is of faith and not works and by His grace I won't be caught doing the wrong flagrantly because grace abound because I am enjoying another level of grace. Please no use should use cynicism to encourage or propagate lie... I am here to declare and assert my stand on this matters as I enjoy the blessing inherited through the works of Christ that has made me a partaker of the commonwealth of Zion. Mind you, I have attend the church ones during my visit to Abuja and I have nothing against God's people but If a man is not shaped for the truth, he should please stay in shape and not bend the word of God to blend with his or her shape, such person will only end up in flagrant disgrace.

Let's pray!

(This was compiled from my comments on Adeolu Akinyemi's "Affair with pastors and world war Z")

Monday, August 26, 2013


Wrote this years ago.. just found it and i thought it might still make sense though

The word "LOVE" comes to mind in nearly all strata of our daily dealings in life, 60% of this times it is in a male female context that we interpret as relationships or more technically dating, then we have families, friends and generally the world we know or that which we know little or nothing about. Four letters makes the word "LOVE" in English language, three letters do the magic in Yoruba language "IFE" and so on with diverse representation in various languages and culture in Nigeria and the world over.

God tells us a lot about love in the scriptures… yes a lot but I can only remember a few of those right now. There are some part of the Bible where it says

"Owe no man nothing but love"---More like an instruction for compassion, not sounding like a must do.
"Husbands love your wife as the Lord loves the church"---A command, leaves no room for options.
"Love your neighbours as yourself"---I think this command was issued somewhere in Leviticus (old school)
"Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you and pray for those who insult you and persecute you"---This is the big one and it’s in the new school Mat 5:44/6:27 and that's the KJV of it. There are more but I can't dig it all up right now.

All that I have listed above are basically instructions from God that we must embrace and obey but a question somehow got stuck in my head. Knowing I have to love every human dead or alive somehow no matter the level of diversity of the relationship existing between us  all calls for different modes and intensity/degree of love. This sounds like a great task, I think I will be needing a whole lot of grace and mercy.

Love for me is not an emotional phenomenon although it has the strand of affection attached to it. It is a feeling that should exist naturally and should be devoid of deceit and found naturally amongst all things living (Animals, plants, viruses etc), spirits (angels, demons etc) and none living things (rivers, gems, etc). Love for me should be cognitive, developable, controllable and totally devoid of emotion (when required) that could be one sided or mutual depending on the parameters substantiating the relationship existing between the two love elements. I have friends and enemies that I have been able to love and they somehow became brothers. It begins professionally sometimes and but we figured it out and now we've gone the whole length of friendship to become family. I sat down to do some analysis and got a bit locked in this thought process, so I thought maybe sharing this will help.

Case 1: Love is caring  I guess?

Imagine this scenario.

I have a female colleague or class mate (a girl and I am a guy). Based on my own unbiased understanding of the instructions in Romans,  I decided to be a  bit more caring and affectionate, truthfully and nice. How do I get this simple message or love across without making her feel the emotional kind of love she knows or probably running through her veins? How do I explain that I am only obeying God's commandment without making the matter more complicated.

Case 2:
Can someone please help with this?

How do I make the girl next door understand that her new undergraduate status or the fact that I just got back from the states that is making me say hi to her, that it's because I know her before the change of status and that shouldn’t bore a whole in her mind or perception because everybody else that said hi to her since her hips got bigger while I was away wanted a piece of it. How should I attempt to get across and not have it interpreted as a chase or my looking away be conceived as pride. Is it the world around her that as tuned her perception, making her a cynic or should I go spiricoco just to make it look like I just want nothing more. How will my friendly gestures and rueful smiles not be continuously misinterpreted for the love flesh even though it is the love of God for a friend I once had and have always known before the big break in transmission necessitated by the pursuit of value and excellence?

Case 3:
What defines the love I have or feel for a woman? My appearance or her perception. Why is she all careful and think it is pure deception even when it is pure genuine desire. Why is she not cool with the truth, why will a sister prefer the flattery and daily eschew the brother that speaks the truth from the heart. Why the chase? How do you make the truth sound sweet without putting the lies she loves to hear?  Why will she prefer a lying tongue to the truth the scriptures speaks in white and black and claim to be a Christian. How will a man really love a woman who desires deception from deep within? What is love got to do in such situation and how does love apply.

Pardon the stupidity of this post but love hey!

The curves of love are sharper than the meanders of the Zambezi river and the edge steeper than the edges of a rake angle. Though many a times we seek to do that which the Lord instruct, the complicated nature of this abstract feeling makes it a perfect but incorrigible and inconsistent no go area especially for me at steeper degree and in-comprehensive levels. Although I believe in love because I feel it in different ways every day, it is multifaceted and thus should be treated as a field of study and not just a word we use whenever we feel have brain generated instantaneous emotional feeling.

Jacob made it sound simple though "he saw, comforted and loved her" just like that… I think it should be that simple. I hope to work and walk in that realm someday, and I hope the sister will be receptive live Rachael abi who be that Jacob victim self.

I am still learning how to love though, my many mums are teaching me but if you know how to do it better, come teach me.. I am ready to pay for the knowledge because I am the no 1 fan of love right now.