Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gen. Buhari versus The True Buhari


I wonder the length Buhari and his followers will go in an attempt to make a saint of him, it is becoming way too scary the way he himself and his followers peddle lies and unfounded facts about his good deeds when in reality, this so-called facts are fables and strange stories that never happened. I have written articles that are filled from top to top with facts confirming the real truth about the true identity of the lying ethnic bigot called GMB, and I have done justice to shedding lights on his potentials and his ability to deliver disaster without flinching. The good thing about GMB is that he's not religious, but he's so ethnically biased that it fuels his power drunk ambition like a solar panel. It powers him so well that he will do anything to get a chance at being the president of Nigeria again because he strongly believes it is his birthright, and he's sparing all the lies he could to get to the rock throne.

In January, I wrote about the desperate unholy alliance of this unholy Mallam in "Buhari, The Unholy Mallam and His Unholy Gang", all of my assertions were based on facts that I personally experience and the truth about his character. I further reeled out his true achievements as a president against the back drop of the lies that is being shared daily about him in another truly thought provoking episode "The Power Drunk General and His Many Crimes".
Before I proceed, I will like to throw more lights on some of the shady lies that is currently being overblown as the truth about him before proceeding to reel out the truth in its plain form.

Some of the lies about the achievement of the General

1. Buhari is erroneously being credited with building three refineries and petrochemical plants during his illegal presidency, as well as during his tenure as a petroleum minister.
2. He's being presented as a saintly debt paying president that didn't borrow of think of borrowing from anywhere. He's even being tagged as a no non-sense ruler that broke ties/relationship with IMF et al…
3. He's pushed forward as a disciplined, anti-corruption campaigner/enforcer.
I will establish the truth using this blatant lies listed above about the general, demystify the confusion and use it to establish the more truth about his true identity.

1. Buhari did not build a single refinery or lay any pipeline, in fact, he didn't build any job creating or value generating infrastructure, the only establishment he created that employed people was "War Against Indiscipline (WAI)". In factual details, Nigeria had four refineries initially which was later converted to three and they are:
  • §  Port Harcourt I
  • §  Port Harcourt II
  • §  Warri Refinery
  • §  Kaduna Refinery

 "Shell/BP built Port Harcourt I in 1965 as a topping and reforming refinery with a distillation capacity of 3 million mt/yr (60,000 bpd), and Port Harcourt II It came on stream in 1989."
"Port Harcourt I was connected to the Vacuum unit and FCC at Port Harcourt II, and the operation of the refinery was integrated, and operated under one management in 1993."

The Question is, was Buhari the president in 1965 or 1989? We didn't even have a president, our Prime Minister was Abubakar Tafawa Balewa  in 1965 and Babangida was the military president in 1989, NOT Buhari.

"The Warri refinery, located at Warri in Nigeria's Delta State, is a complex refinery with a distillation capacity of 6.3 million mt/yr (125,000 bpd). The refinery came on stream in 1978"

Was Buhari in government in 1978? Yes and Nope, this was the period of the military reign of Obasanjo "The Kaduna refinery first 50,000 bpd unit was built in 1980, it was a fuels unit designed to run light Nigerian crude. It was later revamped to 60,000bpd by the addition of a pre-flash unit. In 1982, a 50,000 bpd sour crude unit was built, designed to provide feed to a lube baseoil manufacturing plant, an asphalt plant, and an Linear Alkyl Benzate (LAB) plant. Buhari was appointed the as the Federal Commissioner (position now called Minister) for Petroleum and Natural Resources. When the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation was created in 1976, Buhari was also appointed as its Chairman, a position he held until 1978. By all standards the refinery was an achievement of the Obasanjo administration and not Buhari's effort.

Was Buhari near the presidency in 1980-1982? No! He was still working with the Coup De Tat team on how to highjack power and disrupt democracy.
"In 1987 the LAB plant was started up."

Emm! Where was Buhari in 1987? I am sure that's a question for the gods, only the gods can answer that… Want to find out more, please visit MBENDI to read more.

So with all this fact well laid out, when did Buhari build the refineries, while serving as petroleum minister or during the days of PTF? The answer is still absolutely NO. So why is the general keeping mute about this lies being peddled in his name, I remember he sued when he was accused of saying "Nigeria will become ungovernable if GEJ should become the president…" Why is he going around in flowing agbada without discrediting this lies at any time? So much for a man of integrity.

2. Did I hear anyone say he didn't borrow money? Sorry to disappoint you. Not only did Buhari work with the IMF and others in paying up debt, an herculean task; but he also negotiated with the International Monetary Fund for some $2 billion in emergency loans. He never got the loan before he was luged by IBB.

3. He's being portrayed as an anti-corruption/disciplined personalty, but all those who were alive and old enough to know during those years knew it was the crusade of Idiagbon and not Buhari, rather Buhari was busy protecting corrupt northern and paying assassins and kidnappers in a show of power. I bet you wonder why Idiagbon is dead and Buhari is still alive, it is because he more of a snake than a straight person. If indeed Buhari is anti-corruption, why did he pitch tent with the Abachas and even attempted establishing Mohammed Abacha as the governor of Kano State in an attempt to fund his selfish power drive. Suddenly he switched camp to Tinubu and is now friends with the same Obasanjo he swore to bring to justice for being corrupt. That is so much for integrity for me; calling him an upright man to me is like calling a chameleon an unchanging, consistent reptile.


Let me set the record straight so you will know that Buhari is man with a lifetime record of lies and deceit. In 2003, Buhari said "I will never contest for Presidency again" but this is 2014 and he's just declared his intention to contest again.

In 2001, Buhari told a mammoth crowd that "Muslims should vote for only those who would protect their religion" in Sokoto. He didn’t advise his audience to vote for those who would fight corruption, who would develop the economy or unite the country.

Just like he claimed to have squeezed himself the last time, Buhari claimed he borrowed money to buy interest and nomination form for the coming election from a bank. I will like to ask some questions, what was his collateral and interest rate on the loan, who paid for Abuja declaration rally of Buhari, who will pay for the rally across the 36 states of the federal?

If Buhari who was a former: Petroleum Minister, GOC (Jos Armoured Division), Head of State and PTF Chairman who received gratuity as a General and currently receives pension as a former Head Of State is claiming not to be able to afford N30M, a figure I'm sure Wizkid can afford, then he's not worthy to be a local government chairman, not to now imagine becoming the president.

What message is he trying to send, that he's a squanderer who spends all he gets? Is he trying to tell  Nigerians that he has never invested or saved a dime from his lifetime of work and stealing… Is he that wasteful, does he lack internal support even within his own party that none of the billionaires trust him enough to invest the amount in him?

If indeed he had to borrow money to join the race, he will have to kiss asses to run a lucrative campaign across the nation and would have lost dignity or value before the campaign gets to the 36th state, and will owe atleast 37 more institution or people money, contracts or whatever they demand of him with interest if he were to eventually become the president. Therefore, his priority will be to service his debt and not serve Nigerians. This is damaging enough if it's an attempt to score cheap prudency goals, he's only proven to me personally that he's wasteful and cannot be trusted to guard, build and increase the commonwealth of Nigeria and therefore I pass a vote of "No Confidence" on this lies ridden General of the North.

Please note: I am not telling anybody to vote for Goodluck, I will rather just participate in the guber votes and allow God to decide the presidency since we are all religious bigots if it ends between GEJ and GMB, but I just want Nigeria and the world to know!.. General Muhammadu Buhari is a no way near a discipline, valuable, trustworthy anti-corruption crusader, he actually ricks of corruption like GEJ, just a different scent of the obvious corruption fragrance hovers around him. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

APC, The New Holy Land of Thieves, Rogues and The Desperate

The UnHoly Pilgrims of The Holy Land

If you've noticed, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan aka GEJ and his ilk have intensified their visit to Israel in the last two years, this is not because they want to become Israelis, no way! It is a conscious concerted attempt to cleanse their community of thieves, national treasury looters and corruption ridden, aged unchanging nation destroyers called PDP off the guilt, and nemesis of the many crimes they commit par a visit to the holy land. Jerusalem in their dictionary is somewhat a dumping ground for sins and consequences of corrupt or evil deeds; as long as you lay it at the entrance of that tomb, all is gone. You can happily return to Nigeria to continue your evil ways with the conviction that once you return to Jerusalem the coming year, your sins are gone and forgiven all over again no matter what you do.

This not only so for those who call the name of Jesus in PDP, the Muslims too make it a duty to absolve themselves of the consequences of their deeds, they loot heavily and head to the holy land of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia for lesser Hajjs, and in their minds; their sins and the consequences is gone. To be double sure, they organize a mass movement of poor and unthinking, religious bigots that can't even afford the robes they will wear to visit this holy lands and in return, they face the Wailing Walls and the Holy Kabba to offer prayers and supplications for the sins of their corrupt sponsors to be washed away, all expense paid on tax payers money. This unholy journeys to the holy lands are so perfected that it appears in the budgets at all level of government, even the Local Government Offices all across the nation are busy taking pepper sellers and party loyalist on these pilgrimages, they get so busy with it that they forget to take care for their municipality for a minute. But there are some sins that can't be forgiven in Mecca or Jerusalem, sins that are committed within the party against each other, sins based on ambition with punishments that are expressly prepared within and this type of have found a new holy land in APC. The repercussion is that they become "Enemies of State" that are hoping the now opposition become the opposed, so that they can continue with their filthy ways in the new found holy land without being opposed.

The APC has suddenly become a more glorious Mecca, no matter how grievous your level of crime or corruption is, once you cross to the other side which is APC, you are suddenly not just forgiven, but a saint whose garment is as white as white, beyond the whiteness of snows or the clouds you see in glorious array from the windows of a plane, your new identity carries the addendum of "Opposition" and if you are a big looter, a corruption expert and a leader, it becomes "Opposition Leader" (e.g Opposition Leader Rotimi Amechi). If you think I'm lying, ask all the former PDP governors who are now in APC, all there past records of corruption has been wiped cleanly through divine means and they are now saints who want a better Nigeria. If you ask if they are still stealing their States dry, the answer is YES! they are but the being an APC member is a saintly experience that enshrines the member with special level of grace, that is enjoyed by the likes of Pastor Abiodun Fatoyinbo of COZA. Too bad I am not qualified to be an opposition leader yet, the good thing is I will never be qualified because I will never be corrupt.

If you had asked the lie department HOD, Opposition Leader Lai Mohammed about the integrity of Tambuwal several months ago, he would have given you a very verbose description of how corrupt he is, and how he's the number 4th biggest problem that is making Nigeria a corruption ridden society, but I read today on the pages of the newspaper, the long epistle he wrote in defense of the same Tambuwal. The interesting thing is that Tambuwal is a lawmaker who has chosen to break the law, the constitution is clear about his action, if he was honourable or perhaps repented, he should have relinquished his Speakership, quit his House membership and move to the new holy land.

The good thing about the new holy land called APC as we already know is that like the other holy lands, it purges iniquities and allows you to continue in your iniquities so Tambuwal moved to APC with all his filth and became whole, saintly and fit again with all his filthiness intact, staining the wall of reasoning and expected sanity as stipulated in section 68(1)(g) of the 1999 constitution with defiance and conning devised fables. Even if the stated section of the constitution is in court and under review as Saint Lai has presented it, as long as it has not been changed, it is everybody's statutory duty to obey prevalent existing law, and more as a law maker and Nigerian, he is honour and duty bound to honour obey the law he makes and swore to protect. Oops! I forgot they are all NOT honourable. APC and PDP are one and the same, one just has more "P" than the other, YES! More PROBLEMs than the other, not P of PSquare.

It's the Animal Farm, the new Mecca called APC, the new Jerusalem on high, an extension of the Saudi side of the Vatican and Israel. It makes us all as holy as Jagaban himself. That's the change they've been preaching, APC style.

I heard Tambuwal is now the new "Enemy of State" more dangerous than the Boko Haram that is gradually turning former North Eastern Nigeria to a terrorist Caliphate. "Damn! BH,Tambuwal must go down" *In GEJ's Voice*

I Am Abidemi "Babaolowo" Oderinlo
I Write What I like, I Live What I Write


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Beautiful Identity

I recently noticed something in the way Arabs name their children compared to what we do here in Africa. They Use "Al" "El" as a "pre" to their names which could mean "a member of the house of " or Fair, handsome, noble, bright (in English) etc but here in certain parts of Africa, especially where I come from, a part where religion is overly scented, we use "Abd" which means Slave, Servant etc. The Arabs don't give their children English or Western names, they don't call their children slaves instead they connect every of their offspring with his/her origin with "Al' prefix. They hold their cultures, values and traditions in high esteem and stretch to preserve it, but we in Africa are quick to not only eschew who we really are, but to also trade our identity on the altar of religion, damning ourselves as slaves in the name of religion and not God.

If we must betray our true identity, why are we calling ourselves slaves when the people that brought the religion to Africa preserve their own name, culture, values and tradition? Tell me, which of these names sounds better; Al Farouq or Abdul Farouq (The Son of Farouq or Slave Farouq) with its true meaning? Someone should please tell me, why do we choose to be slaves to everything (Religion, Western Culture, Arab Culture, God and Men) when we could be kings.. Why are the owners of the religion not calling each other slaves but we gladly do, why do we now choose to be addressed as slaves?

If you give birth to a child and christen the child a slave, immerse him/her in the dictates of religion instead of God and give the child a personality that makes him/her less than human, why won't such a child grow up delusional? 

It is not even strange for you to see people throw away their identity in the name of religion. I remember my Chemistry teacher in secondary school changed his name from "Sangoleye" to "Jesuleye", I am still thinking what effect the new name had on him because the last time I heard about him, he was still teaching Chemistry. Some people even travel to Europe or America from Africa and within a week, their tongue is twisted and they pretend to have forgotten their mother tongue. Some blame it on inferiority complex, others call it blending-in but I think it's more about not realizing the true value of our identity as African, and the beauty of who we are. I know people of African heritage that were born and raised in Europe and America and could speak Ijebu, Igbo etc fluently, so I wonder why the ones that were raised on this side of the sun are eager to throw away their identity.

I get irritated when I meet people and they ask "What is your Christian or Muslim name?" sometimes I just wonder which part of their brain is not functioning; and the good thing is that I always have a perfect answer for them, "My name is Babaolowo" I am sure that name is not only Christian and Islamic, it has a perfect interpretation in all languages of the world.

I'm still waiting to meet an Arab or Emirati named "Abdul" in the UAE in all my years of visiting the region.. All the people I have been lucky to meet here have a handsome "Al" as a pre, it gives me hope that I will soon be chilling with an Al Maktoum soonest but in the interim, you can call me Al Farouq Bin Babaolowo.