Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Source, The Solution – The Menace Called Boko Haram (BH)


If there is anything I have learnt in my short stint on earth as a Nigeria, it is how to solve problems because there are just too many and solving them means survival. If there is one unique way of doing it that I have discovered, it is identifying the source and cutting the supply off.

The spate at which BH has been unleashing its menace on innocent harmless Nigerians got me so frustrated and concerned as well, the freedom with which they carry out their raving attacks that last for hours without being checked is gradually pushing me out of the realm of sanity, and I can imagine things getting worst if something is not done. I began to ask questions, searching through the pages of Nigerian history to see if the past has faced a similar, and if it has, maybe it can help solve the problems of the present and prevent this cancerous phenomenon from stemming into the future. History gave me a lead when I came across the word Mai-Tatsine” (The one who damns); here is a link to the truth about the sect CLICK HERE. I dug deeper, hoping to find the root of the matter, hoping the source will still be in control and in a position to stop the menace, but what I found was heavier and revealing, the truth has been in the open all along. Don’t be surprised, the source of BH that I found is one that you’ll least expect, it’s the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), perhaps it is nemesis of CAN’s role that is catching up with the church.

Mai Tatsine is perhaps the older version of BH led by Muhammad Marwa, a movement that began its reign of terror in Kano and other parts of Northern Nigeria in the late 50’s. Like BH, the ideology of “western education is a sin and technological advances are a pollution of the sanity and culture of the Nigeria state”. Stuffs like radio, wristwatches, television etc were regarded as “haram” in those years probably because they were the definition of technology or perhaps western influence in the 50’s. Over 8000 lives were lost in battles between the sect and the Nigerian state between 1960 and 1984.

I know a lot of people will find it hard to believe this, but I have listened to it myself although the lecture was delivered in Hausa language and if the records are correct, Professor Dauda Ojobi, is a former secretary of Northern Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), a retired Professor in Benue State University faculty of Law, the 3rd Reverend Father from northern Nigeria, after Paul Gindiri, and GG Ganaka. He is the first Nigerian overseer of Baptist Church in Kaduna, and One time commissioner of Justice in Bauchi State.
“Marwa Maitatsine, was a Christian until his death. Back in 1954, there were series of meetings by the highest body of Christian association in the northern Nigeria, in Jos, which I happened to be the secretary, taking the minutes of that meeting (then, I was an undergraduate student of Christian Theology). Part of the resolve of that meeting was, to sponsor some people among ‘us’ to go to Arab countries as new Muslim converts, and learn Arabic and Islam. Their mission is to come back to Nigeria as Muslims clerics, use their Islamic knowledge to preach violence, distort original Islamic teachings and if possible cause a riot in the North that will make northern Nigeria a history. Five people were nominated for the job, and sent to Sudan to start their mission. 3 of them refused to come back and execute their plan, but spent the rest of their lives in Sudan as true Muslims. The remaining two; Muhammad Marwa and Birema came back, Marwa was sent to Kano, and Birema was sent to Niamey Niger Republic.”

Prof. Ojobi also made this submission in the “Anya Goru Panel” set up by Shehu Shagari, to investigate the crisis then, but when Shagari saw the report, he ordered that the white paper should not be issued because it may result to more crises. Prof. Dauda is still alive, Shagari is still alive and the leadership of CAN is very aware of this fact and had never denied it. My assumption at first was that the extermination programme of CAN went out of control because their mules became too powerful and broke the leach, I probably might wrong because even in recent history, a relationship still exists between CAN and the new breed of Mai Tatsine called Boko Haram in the flesh, blood and bone of Prof. Jerry Gana, a chieftain of CAN.

This new chaotic Order was initiated by Muhammad Yussuf, and before his extra-judicial killing by the police, he was bailed from custody every time he was arrested for extremist activities that posed a threat to national security by Prof. Jerry Gana, and this happened severally. I have the feeling Yussuf was killed because he started saying things he wasn’t supposed to say so they had to shut him up. Rumour had it that the last call on the phone recovered from him was to his affiliate and CAN Chieftain Jerry Gana, more like a quick call to the boss for a rescue operation when the cops came calling.

Yussuf’s killing sparkled the venom we have now in BH, a bitter sect, hell bent on avenging their leader and DE-westernizing Northern Nigeria (at least for now). Perhaps I am no longer surprised that certain groups are accusing GEJ of being the one fending BH, he’s still patronizing Jerry Gana the supposed prime suspect according to this my discovery, probably I am not the only one aware of it, and I believe a lot more people should be made aware of it so we can know where to face and who to ask for the way on the road that leads to finding BH, and eliminating it from the root.

A more recent activities still points in the direction of the President GEJ. A letter supposedly sent to Premium Times and other media houses by was traced to his special adviser Reno Omokri (aka Mockery) on 26th Feb. 2014. The phony document was created by Reno on behalf of GEJ with the sole aim of implicating the suspended CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for complicity in the recent activities of the insurgent but was burlesqued by his own digital signature on the document. According to Premium Times
“The document’s digital signature shared a 100 percent resemblance with that of others PREMIUM TIMES had received from Mr. Omokri in the past.The document was created by Mr. Omokri or someone else who used his Hewlett Packard computer at 10:01 on Wednesday. Sixteen minutes after it was created, the document was printed and revised once before it was sent out at 11:54 using the Wendell Simlin’s email address.The email was sent out using the Nigerian government’s official internet service provider, Galaxy Backbone, from Abuja, Feyi Fawehimi who first investigated the mail told PREMIUM TIMES.”

Why are we still looking for the source? With is action alone, it is a clear that the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration would rather reap politically from the violence than end it, no wonder he responded rudely to the complaint of Borno governor about the lackluster approach of the military in Borno State with this sloppy statement at the media chat.
If we pullout the military from Borno state, let us see if he (governor of Borno state) will be able to stay in the government house,”

Reno Omokri should be arrested immediately; it is evident that he knows something about BH because if in his attempt to implicate SLS, he decided to share details about BH coordinated activities, he definitely knows something or someone in BH and should be charge for complicity, treason and for the mass murders that occurred in the last few days, at least those were covered in the document he created from his laptop. The senate should not continue to sit and sleep but act in the best interest of Nigerians.   Damn! Immunity, a warrant of arrest for GEJ for the mass murder of Nigerians should follow suit, maybe by cutting off the source, the supply of BH will run dry. If they he can’t be held for corruption, maybe he could be held for murder.
The hand writings are on the wall and they are in capital letters, I hope they point us in the direction of how to end the menace of BH. Now we know the truth, I hope we will allow it to set us free.

The aim of this outcry is to stop #JosMassacre #YobeMassacre #BornoMassacre #AdamawaMassacre and to demand from them #WhereIsOurMoney.

Here is Reno Mockery’s Lies

NB, I have the original confession of Professor Dauda Ojobi, it's in Hausa language... Drop a comment with your email to request the audio file if you understand the language.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nigerian Senate, A Gathering of Sleeping "Yes Men"

I had to find the origin and the meaning because I was getting a bit confused about the function, duty and purpose it was created to serve, I wasn’t surprised at all when I discovered that it all started from Italia, the Mafias, “Senātus”, derived from the word “Senex” meaning the old man or more creatively, THE GODFATHER.

Senate started as the state council of the ancient Roman republic and empire, which shared legislative power with the popular assemblies, administration with the magistrates, and judicial power with the knights. So our 109 supposed “Senātus” in Nigeria technically shares power with the Reps, The Executive and The Judiciary and must be a part of anything that goes on within these entire arms of government. In fact,
"the senate must ratify any treaty with a two-thirds majority".
Meaning the president do nothing without the approval of two-third of the senate.

At the last State of The Union address by President Barrack Obama, these words stuck with me and I will quote the interesting part of it. 
“What I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class, and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class.  Some require Congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you (senators).  But America does not stand still – and neither will I.  So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”

I was amazed because here in Nigeria, the senate is not a check and balance entity for other arms of government,  the only time they exists is when the budget is sent in for deliberation on how to “share-the-money”. Once that is settled by February, the executive becomes an independent arm of the government that acts without the senate ratifying its actions and the senate then becomes a sit and sleep gathering, where old fools wake up only to discuss contracts and allowances before they go back to sleep, to wake up on weekends to attend “Owambe” parties, a committee of "Yes Men".
Perhaps, I misunderstood the function of the senate? Ours throw chairs and mace when the allowee and contracts are being blocked or when there is tussle for power and never in the interest of the state.

Senators are men, (young or old) elected into congress to represent and serve the interest of the people, but here in Nigeria, they do the will of the party and presidency for the sake of their personal purse, damning their primary objective wish is to serve the will of the people by checking and balancing governance with legislative powers. I recently watched a Nigerian senate plenary session on NTA and the site was an eyesore. Half of this "Yes Men" were asleep, I am sure most must have been snoring and the whole session was blurry until the senate president smashed his hammer to jerk the lot that were dead back to life… A few mumbled words, no audible or visible objections from anywhere and smack! again, "The Hi's have it". No wonder they missed the Pacific Christian University on Stella Oduah's CV when she was screened as a ministerial nominee, they only woke up to say "HI" at the sound of the hammer.

CNN was interesting over the weekend. The congress screened ambassadorial nominees of Obama and there reports were everywhere, plenty NOs or Nays as the case may be, plus plenty recommendations but I am yet to hear of a situation where our senate said nay to any executive nominees at any level for any position.

The Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich fled Kiev after acting interior minister says he is wanted for mass murder with a warrant signed by Congress. The convoy of  Kogi state killed Professor Iyayi and nobody was arrested or questioned, all we got were condolence messages. The Son Of Abia State Governor, Chinedu Orji Killed was accused of killing his PA at a rally organised to flag of his father's Senatorial ambitions and the best we had of it was the breaking news, no arrest. Four people were killed, while others were injured by Ondo State Deputy Governor's convoy in February but nothing was said about it. The first Lady Of Kwara State was alleged to have killed a Community Leader with her over-speeding convoy but she denied by claiming that her convoy saw the truck coming, and sped off before the accident happened. I am not surprised that nothing has happened, Boko Haram killed over 300 hundred Nigerians in a single weekend and all GEJ could say in his media chat yesterday was
“It is quite worrisome, Surely we’ll get over it.”
When GEJ was asked about the recent comments by the governor of that state that it appears the militants have upper hand in the war, his response was plain stupid
“if we pullout the military from Borno state, let us see if he (governor of Borno state) will be able to stay in the government house,”
No sense of remorse, no compassion, everything is just fine. I am sure if such had happened in Ghana and the president made such senseless political remarks, the senate would have a moved a motion for his impeachment but here in Nigeria, most of Senex are "Yes Men" and PDP so it's cool.
Yes, we will get over it because today again, 29 young lives were taken in Yola and the senate is still silent because clueless GEJ is yet to say a word.
ü  We have the Navy and Air Force with hundreds of thousands of men in service but still, our water ways security is contract to Tombolo and Dokubo in billions of naira because the senate said YES to it.
ü  The subsidy jumped from a few billions in naira to trillions of dollars in less than two years, and the senate said YES it's normal.
ü  Tens of trillions of naira of the nations had disappeared because the senate said YES you can take it.
ü  Boko Haram is killing Nigerians, GEJ is watching and the senators are saying YES it's a war film, watch it.
ü  Nigeria is suppose to be a secular state but the Executive spends billions for religious pilgrimages every year and YES says the Yes Men
ü  Young girls are being handed out to pedophiles in marriage and our senators said YES

A lot of yes is what we get, we can't sit down with our arms folded and watch this insane senators say YES everything in their old age while they ruin the future of this great nation. I choose to say No to this Yes Men

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Clarion Call, It Is Time To StandUP (Let's Get Dirty, Blogging and Tweeting Is Not Enough)

I watched CNN at night for weeks now and what has been trending is Ukraine. The protesters have been unpeaceful for THREE MONTHS, turning The Independence Square in the capital to a burn-fire altar in their demand for Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to conduct new presidential elections, return to the old constitution and form a national unity government. The police (not soldiers) have been managing the crisis very professionally without guns until days ago when security forces (snipers) opened fire on protesters who were firing on unarmed police according to the Interior Ministry report. Dozens were killed by the snipers, health workers trying to help the wounded  were also caught in the crossfire but the protesters never gave up, they are still standing. They stood on death ground to demand what they believe is right for their nation and early until the Ukrainian president conceded to their demands with the promise to conduct a new election in ten days while meeting all other demands in order to have peace again. No cabal was blamed, No explanation was demanded and neither was Viktor's tenure over, the people just felt Enough is Enough, and with tears and blood on the streets of Kiev, they are getting what they want. The Old Constitution and a New Government.

We all woke up to it… It was more like a joke when the No. 1 son of Otueke, and president of Nigeria GEJ woke us up with the news of fuel subsidy removal in January 2012. Out came his Defenders spearheaded by the eye-balling wife of Madueke, the lipsy ankara tying Eweala and the forever slim (now embattled) aboki Sanusi with explanations on how the External Cabal are milking Nigeria and why they must divert to the Internal Cabal for the draining, cutting and dissecting of Nigeria through NNPC, SURE-P and other 'Ps'. I hope the Defenders can gather again like the cartoon super heroes 'Avengers' to rescue us with their statively clandestine explanations on how the money will be transferred from the pocket of the Internal Cabal directly to the purse of the Super Cabal aka PDP for the conduction of the 2015 elections. Too bad the slim aboki is currently on suspension and the two Iyalode's have switched camp permanently to NNPC, abeg! that's where the real cabalistic money is breathing.

I remember how we moved heavily to reject the arguments of these scavengers led by Sanusi with bones and stones in hand, A big NO on our lips and cries for freedom at the Freedom Park in Ojota and all over Nigeria. Days later, the guns were out without any provocations, Ademola was shot dead in Ogba while three others had bullets holes to show for playing football on the street during a national wide protest. The same thing happened in Kwara, Abuja, Kano etc, young lives shot into oblivion but still we stood. Cowards we were but we felt we had a chance if their thugs were the police, we had the real street thugs with us this time so we felt stronger together but our forever failing "Elders-In-Struggle" in the name of TUC and NLC had compromised, the color of the bags they collected we knoweth not, but on the body was written, "Protesters Must Go" a perfect replica of "Ghana Must Go", and while we sang the songs of freedom in Ojota with joyful hope, TUC/NLC called of the strike on Jan 16, 2012 and the military tanks arrived with unknown soldiers. Some of us stood our ground, others fled for their lives as  the tanks approached so we receded, hoping to live and fight another day. I wonder why we turned to hope?

Now Sanusi is the victim of the presidency and he's painted a martyr for exposing the so-called NNPC fraud. I guess we were quick to forget how verbose he was as the advocate of GEJ while they presented the design that guaranteed that NNPC could steal with impunity, without allowing the External Cabal to get any major part of the action. I remember how eloquent he was on national TV, explaining how the money realised from the subsidy removal would be used to repair the refineries, build schools, buy buses for commuting citizens, expand agriculture, promote commerce and build our foreign reserves through SURE-P but here we are. The promises are still in the pipeline but the funds are long gone. If Sanusi was so credible like his new crusade claims, I don't think he needed two years to notice his arguments in 2012 were lame and fallible, prompting him to give account of his stewardship and call Nigerians to the deception before the figures got to $47Bn, $10.8Bn or $20Bn whichever we can regard as correct. Mind you, this slim mallam spent N20billion on legal services and 9.24 billion on training and travel expenses in 2012 alone without a voucher to show to which case and who collected it from the CBN…  I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out later this year to declare a presidential ambition, a clear indicator was his hint that he wasn't going for a second term with the apex bank. All the noise and hullabaloo is to and end, although it is good for Nigeria and her people, and definitely will awaken the erudite sleeping giants in us again to demand without compromise what Nigeria as a democratic state and her people deserve from her wealth in gold (blue, black or white) and in silver.

Yes we are erudite, so knowledgeable that I will suggest we remove the fourth line of the second stanza of our national anthem and replace it with "help our youths with courage to act" because we definitely know the truth but we lack the courage to act. We hide in front of our computers blogging, tweeting and posting, fighting with this imperfect tools for activism (I am guilty too). We write great scholarly essays while the real problem that needs real solutions continually devour our nation and people. It is so easy to hit a few strokes on the keyboard screaming “I AM READY TO DIE” but an unexpected burst of “danfo” tyre on the street makes us scamper for the cuddliest corner under our beds in search of safety. I dare to say we are only paying lips service to fighting corruption and even some of us are only advertising through blogging and online activism, hoping to get dinner invitations, like the GEJ dinner of 2011 and more recently the Fayemi Tour attended by The “So-Called” Nigerian Youth Activist  or even political appointment aka Special Adviser Reno “Mockery” spelt Omokri. Here is the truth, we will never win from the comfort of our offices and room, our fight for freedom is off the pages of the internet, we must take it to where the real youths. We are not the youths, the real youths are out there on the streets, they vote and determine who wins or rig elections, they don't tweet or read a blog post, Linda or Omojuwa is just a name to them. We must get off our grind because while we are here goofing, BAT,GEJ,IBB,GMB etc are busy engaging the street in preparation for the battle ahead and they are keeping us busy online while they run the streets ragged. Now they have Savannah  Reports to counter Sahara Reporters, and the truth is, they have more resources than we do but they don't have the numbers, that’s our strength and wisdom will be found in our actions and not writeups.

I am from the street and I can take you there, let’s take the streets and not a sit, let’s stand up and stand tall, let's rise up and walk. It is time to face the tanks, bullets and baton, let's live for a reason, knowing that our actions will live and change the course of history forever. It is time for us to build Nigeria with our sweat, flesh, blood and bone. Let’s stop wearing those Awolowo styled caps if we can’t do what he did to leave a mark. If you’ve not done anything that could put your face on a naira note other than write blog post and tweet, I am talking to you… Winter is coming, let's go to the ants...let's leave the comfort of our air-conditioned rooms and office and be seen spearheading the move for change.  If Europeans and Americans that live in very smart worlds still come out when change is desired, then we will be fools if we keep keeping it online… It is time to get our feet wet in other to cross to the other side like the Israelites did in Joshua 3:14 -17.

I am Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo 
iThink, iWrite and iActOnIt
Twitter: @enyola