Friday, September 26, 2008

The Right Reason

I was reading a post on Deolu's blog this morning and while scooping through is archives, something very interesting caught my attention so I decided to take a thorough look at it. The post was titled " "The things I used to do" I dropped this post as a comment on that page, but I felt more people should have a feel of this post and my comment so i decided to fix it here as well.

Doing something simply because you like it is never a good enough factor for doing it, because something more interesting might pop up tommorow and all you can do is dump it and go for the next interesting idea.

It is never worth doing if it's just because of you, but believe me you will never quit doing something if its because of someone your love or hold very close to your heart. No wonder God said we should love others they way He loves us, you will find out that people commit suicide while some some put their lives on the line for the sake others.

According to research, most suicide victims commit suicide not basically because of regret, shame or failure, they do so because they don't love themselves enough, so they do it for the love they have for others or a group of people. It is either as a result of Cognitive constriction which is a mental constriction, such as rigidity in thinking, narrowing of focus, tunnel vision, and concreteness. "(doing somethin just because of your personal interest in it is Cognitive Constriction and that is why you end up aborting it for something else.. (suicide)), Lost of interest or desire in something due to physical inabilities such as visual impairment, neurological disorders, and malignant disease or as a result of depression. I am not here to talk more about suicide.

The reasons for suicide are deep and long standing. The teen that attempted suicide right after his girlfriend broke up with him or the teen that contemplated suicide after losing her job probably had a history of low self-worth that was magnified by the upsetting event and the Real love of what was lost. (

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

If you are doing something you love today and the underlying factor is not because it adds value to the life of someone out there, I will advise that you re-orchestrate the blue print and design it in a way it will be a blessing not to only you , but to the lives of others as well. The way human beings are wired however is that your greatest motivation will be connected to doing something for someone else - being of help, rendering service, being a blessing, e.t.c. It is essential that we find that desire we truly want to meet and connect it with the activity love and want to do.

It is suicide to stop just because you don't like doing it anymore, if it's not just for you, then you will never stop for the ones you love.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Origin of Man: The good and the better account

Scientist believe that man originated as a result of evolution from simple organisms some billions of years ago, that evolution started as the needs arises for organisms to adapt to their environments. So man evolved from the stage of simple organisms to the stage of amphibians through to the stage of Homo sapiens sapiens, and along the evolution line brachiating from the reptilian to the amphibian and aves stages. From fossils in record, millions of years ago the homo stage appeared (evolved). Looking at the homo evolutionary history and not forgetting their forebearers the australopithecines, we could infer that taking into account the vivid changes from Homo habilis to the stage of Homo sapiens; "man has indeed evolved (grown). With specific information given about dates from radiocarbon datings and explicit explanations given about its cranial growth, not eliminating his obvious changing physic (i.e. changes in the tooth cups patterning and even his hip joint) ability to stand erect (homo erectal age).

It is my opinion that no account of man’s origin or evolution should be counted as irrelevant or useless as each account almost gives the same explanation except in a different ways.

According to the bible God created man in his own image after his likeness, but it was not stated that man was God's first creation; in fact man was the last he created and that was after he has made every other thing. First God created light and separated it from darkness thereby initiating seasons, which explains the scientific opinion about changes in the atmosphere, then the combinations of different atoms to form life on the sea(in water) the bible also says that God created sea animals and plants and all this existed before man came into being. Now considering these two accounts we can draw inferences that will make us understand that one account is just a better explanation of the other. In the beginning both accounts being considered agree that the earth was without form and void (misty and dark), and that there was a change as a result of which life sprung up on earth. According to the bible, God initiated a change and to the scientist some things happened which caused the change in the earth temperature and made the air spirals to conjure then forming the present different features that the earth possesses i.e. the land, sea, atmosphere and sky. Let there be light, the "Big Bang Theory".

According to "Genesis chapter one verse six" God made air to separate into two parts, the water below (sea) and those above (sky). Due to the changes of atmospheric conditions of the earth the scientist believe that at a certain time it became conducive for atoms to combine and form life and thus the stages of evolution is explained. The bible also takes this into account and reading through Genesis chapter one it could be explained that God created light the first day, sky the second day, dry land and plants the third day, the forth day sun, moon and stars, fifth day fish and sixth day birds land animals and man, on the seventh day he rested.

Since scientist argue about the time difference and insist that the creation story of seven days could not be, it should be considered that biblically a day to God is like ten thousand years to man and we also know that the biblical account of creation was not recorded history, but a revelation; considering that a day in God sight is equal to ten thousand years to man, therefore we could say that the evolution (creation) of man to seventy thousand years or more and also putting in mind that the number of days from the time of man's creation to his fall was not stipulated: it could have taken several thousand of years or even more.(The radio carbon dating do not give accurate dates).

The cause of life that the scientists try to explain is God, and the time estimation that the bible does not explain is explained in the scientific datings

By: Oderinlo Olamide (200level Archeology Student UI)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Arise o! BlogPatriots, Nigeria Calls Obey

My ability to translate and transmute the heaviness that was dumped in me into a positive confession and concession when I told someone I was going to a bloggers conference and he discouraged me as been justified. Getting here today to find all my blog stars all together in one room is the cake, but the icing is meeting a capable Alhaja at the conference. It gave me such a huge satisfaction that can never obey the law of diminishing returns. She reminded me of a very good friend of mine who as always believed so much in my writeability, a Hajia like her who as always been the force pushing me to write, write and write, in fact she brought me a World Bank Diploma of Participation in the this year's World Bank essay contest because she was the one that told me about the essay, read through the writing and ensured that I submitted on time. I can’t stop thanking her; in fact she renewed my blogging prowess. SOLA RUNSEWE, thank you oo! I just hope you get to read this post.

Back to the Conference. A lot topics were discussed at the conference but what really struck me was Gbenga's opining the possibilities embedded in branding our personality and re-branding out nations Nigeria through blogging. When I 1st started blogging, I never really had an idea of what I was doing, but recently I started reading up a lot of things about blogging and I was amazed about the things I discovered about the effects blogging has been having on decisions and choices of a lot of people and companies in the world. I discovered various policy changing controversies and that were raised and railed through blogging which as produced desired results. Mcchronicles as been a pain in the ass of McDonald the biggest fast food company in the world and the interesting part is that it was started by a group of dis-satisfied customer that had problems with their straw dispenser which they believe transfer germs that could cause infections. Another is the uploaded clip of a dell product exploding on YouTube; this has forced Dell computers to withdraw 4.1million of the defective model from the market. Who would believe somebody toying with his laptop on is Dining table at home could force such a change on an industrial giant like Dell.

Many companies now target blogs that publish posts related to their products for driving followership, advertising and educating their customers on their product and its usage, others attach blogs to their websites to simulate customer interaction and synthesization about their products and services. If blogging is being used to effect changes in the quality of services, products and policies of large enterprises and industries, then it can be used to re-orchestrate the tune the world is playing about Naija our motherland, we can make her the bride of other nations of the world through blogging, we can reposition her in the mind of the world with what comes out of our heart. I think we spread too many of our dirty linen outside (SUN NEWSPAPER a case study), so we have to start cleaning up our acts by spreading our creative acts on the lines (internet) for the world to see. I came across a group on Facebook called "The Africa They Never Showed You" and also read Leke Alder's speech Titled "What is your strategy Africa " I bet you need to read this post to un-earth the wrong info CNN as been telling the world about Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Imagine CNN having just Jeff Koinage as corresponding for Africa, I mean the whole of Africa. A thousand Jeff cannot handle Nigeria let a lone West Africa... you can actually read the full analysis here...>>> All we get are white lies well coated in different flavors.

It is also true that men had fought for the truth in the past with sticks and axes tooth and nails for what they stand for, who they are and what they believe. From stones to darts, arrows and bows, spears and clubs, guns and bombs and even now nuclear and biological weapons, but believe me, non of this men ever had their foot print stronger in the sand of time or bolder in the diary of change than the great men who fought with their voices and the great men of honour who signed the treaties of peace. The Pen is really mightier than the swords and now it's in your hands, what will you do with it? Are going to continue to hold back even with the deadliest weapon of warfare in your possession? Are you going to continue to sit down and watch while the white world continue to write your history and story for you in blatant white lies or will you rather stand up and re-write your history and story for the world to see.

These white lies as always been in the air since the pre-colonial era and it continued till the post-era even when slavery was gone and Liverpool as apologized for its pact in slavery, they kept the lies in the air. Now is the time to come out and start writing the truth about us in BOLD letters, Black is BOLD and it is the beginning and the definition of the existence of man. It's neither pink nor white, this are genetic degradation of who we are by stanch and unseen agents of denudation so don't let that which as been degraded draw you down, determine, discredit or dictate how the real you operates, lets write out our hearts to break the limitations they are trying to place on their source. We are The real and complete package although none is less than the other. Don't allow anyone to swap their status for yours because of that which they can not attain which you have achieve by choice and not decision, let no man help you tell the world who you are, say it out loud and proud like Fela or 2pac will do but without the smokes in the air or the guns under your belt but with that which is mightier than sword and doubles as your voice.