Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Who needs an airplane when I can teleport?
“oya oferegege gbe mi pa”
Who needs a Ferrari when I can shorten the distance?
“ona ka, ona ko; aa kin ba onise rin”
Who needs their gods when I’ve got divinity?
“ifa olokun asoro dayo ti kin fololo fohun”
Calling the things that be not as though they were
“shango olukoso oooo!”
A fit fore surpassed by the Son of man
“Jesu Oluwawa”

I shall pour libation at the feet of the gods again
Pay homage to the roots of my ancestors
My walls will breathe again
And my words alive and fresh
My history not curios at all
Breaking the bounds like meteors from mars
I will live and reveal again
The wisdom that was denied
That which lives within my loins and my dark golden skin