Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wonder Woman Elsie (WWE)

Ever heard of Wonder Woman
The one Superman had a crush on
The sexy, fierce beauty that faces all odds
Wielding her lasso of truth against all odds

She walks amongst us
But stronger than all
Her smile is heavier than a weight of gold
Her gait is suave like the lamp of Aladin
So beautiful and rare in all imperfection
Even the sun comes out every day to catch a glimpse

She walks amongst us
But fairer than all of us
Her beauty is so desired by the princes of Aruba
Her eyes, the rare shade of the lilies in the Himalayas
A step in the sun and our heart misses a beat
A foot in the rain and the world goes wet in pursuit of her trail

Here in our world of words and inks and wits
The land of bloggersville trembles at the stomp of her feet
I am not afraid neither is she
She’s the Wonder Woman
Her cover is blown
If you don’t believe
Ask Superman or Shai
The Elsie Godwin I know is more than a superwoman
She’s filled with wonders and feats the earth is yet to see or feel

Happy Birthday Elsie…

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Chrisking Leonhart said...

This is getting interesting.... Now I have two guys on my hit list.