Friday, February 7, 2014

How To Vote Abidemi Oderinlo into The WYMD Leadership Board

 Voting as started now please vote Abidemi Oderinlo for the Africa Region (World Youth Movement for Democracy):

2) Register to be a member using Your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo or Wordpress by clicking on the icon and sign in or Register directly on the page by clicking the blue Register beside the login button.

3) Click on the REGIONS map to go to the voting page

Once you click on the map, it will redirect you to STEP-1 which is Europe, start by selecting the name of the candidate or select "none of the above", scroll down and click VOTE AND MOVE TO THE NEXT AREA”. This will automatically redirect you to the next continent.

 4) Select the name of the contestant for each region of or “None the above” if you don’t know them or don’t want to vote in the region and click on “VOTE AND MOVE TO THE NEXT AREA

When you get to STEP 3, the Africa region, select name ABIDEMI ODERINLO

5) Finish by clicking SUBMIT VOTES

6) A thank you page confirms the completion of the voting process



Now that we know how to get it done, let's go for it. Go to this link:  or
Thank You!

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