Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm in love

Sometimes I think aloud
Sometimes it’s the silent beat of my heart
But never a day without the thought of you

Sometimes I wish it away
Sometimes I crave for you more and more within
But never a for a moment or it fraction been bold enough
To let go, ‘cos there is no living without you

Even if all the stars wander to Kano
And the big round moon to the big “Aamu” in grandma’s yard
Your thought will never depart from my heart
Neither will your love be eschewed by me
Ooooh! Osimiri

You are my sun by day
The glory of my dark golden skin
My star at night
Shining brighter even in the darkest of nights

If t’was, I will be gone with the winds
Just the thought of you gives the hope of a new day
If for me, it would have faded away
But you are right there as constant as the North Star

Immeasurable, even with the “kéré” on mother’s drum
Invaluable, larger than life itself
Exquisite and wonderfully complex
Even the wisest of men stand in awe in your site
'Cos you are more than a tale of beauty untold

No wonder you stole my heart
And I never wanted it back, never!
So precious you are to me
That even I’m nothing without you
Ooooh! Osimiri

I’m in love with you


Spicytee said...

Nice work buddy..
I like it as always...
Who is osimiri?

Oderinlo Abidemi said...

Osimiri the God of you and I, the Almighty God