Thursday, March 12, 2009

He Saved Me

It was 10th of March 2009, I left home not so early in the morning heading for Yaba, knowing I have missed the first lectures already, but hoping to catch up on the next... but I never did... I thank God I’m still here with everyone.

The bus I was in, got me to Fadeyi, few meters away from the point I was suppose to alight at Jibowu, then the break failed, a bus was right ahead of us, parked in the middle of the service lane, passengers alighting from it, and we rammed into it… I was at peace, I didn’t panic, I was just thankful… cos I felt it, He was right there with me and He saved me.

No life was lost, I came out with a few scratch, and some teeth broken but HE’s fixed that already…thought I was gonna loose my cutie smile, but He gave me hope and gave it back to me all in good, better shapes. Although I’ve got them braces on right now, I should be yanking them off soon...

Watch Out for the Whole New smile
It’s gonna be off the hook

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